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The Big Ask:
The Children's Commissioner for England

19th April 2021

What is The Big Ask? It’s a BIG and exciting chance to have your say!

The Big Ask is the largest ever survey of young people in England. It’s being run by The Children’s Commissioner whose role it is to speak up for all children across the country and get their views heard.

What are your dreams and ambitions? What would you change if you could? What do you want for your future? And what is holding you back?

The last year has been really tough for young people, and you deserve a say in what happens next. The Big Ask will be used to show the people who make important decisions what children really think.

We're hosting The Big Ask Assembly to help explain a bit more about it and how it aims to help shape your future. And we’re not the only ones who think taking part is important… so keep your eyes peeled for a very special guest!