Contemporary family issues (part 1)

In this lesson, we will continue our study of Relationships and Families by thinking about contemporary family issues. This unit is part of GCSE RE and assumes an understanding of Christian and Islamic Beliefs and Practices. Please make sure you have a pen and paper ready. It is helpful to have two different coloured pens: black or blue and another coloured pen, such as green or red. Also, please make sure you're in a quiet space to work in as far as possible. If you have the TV or music on and can turn it off, please do. If you are not using your mobile phone for the lesson, it is best to put it aside, so you are not distracted. For some people this will be a sensitive topic. If that applies to you, you may want to do the rest of this lesson with a trusted adult nearby who can support. When you're ready, let's begin.


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Lesson summary: Contemporary family issues (part 1)

Time to move!

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