Deliberate Practice

This is it, the final push! A huge congratulations for completing this unit on Islam: Beliefs and Teachings with me, Mr Latif! I am super proud of all of your fantastic knowledge and learning. Now it is time for us to recap and revise some of our learning. This lesson will focus on revisiting key terms and teachings we looked at in this unit and examine key verses to support your learning. Let's see how you do! If you have the TV or music on, now is the time to switch it off. If you are not using your mobile phone for this lesson, it is best advised to put it away so it doesn't distract you. You will need a black or blue pen and another colour pen such as green or red for corrections, some paper or your exercise book, and more importantly a curious brain and attentive ears! Please note that any quotations used in this lesson from the Qur’an are taken from the ‘Quranic Arabic Corpus’ online with the use of Sahih International Translation.

Introductory Quiz

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Final Quiz

This quiz is a great way for you to test your learning from this lesson.

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