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Introduction: exploring delicious fruits and vegetables

In this lesson, we will introduce the topic preparing fruit and vegetables. We will explore a range of different fruits and vegetables to support children in identifying and naming a range of fruits and vegetables. We will then carry out an investigative and evaluative task. We will carry out a taste tasting exercise to allow children to say what they like and dislike and make simple judgements. This lesson includes some physical activity and equipment beyond pen, paper or pencil. Please make sure your child is adequately supervised.


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These slides will take you through some tasks for the lesson. If you need to re-play the video, click the ‘Resume Video’ icon. If you are asked to add answers to the slides, first download or print out the worksheet. Once you have finished all the tasks, click ‘Next’ below.

Lesson summary: Introduction: exploring delicious fruits and vegetables

Time to move!

Did you know that exercise helps your concentration and ability to learn?

For 5 mins...

Move around:
Climb stairs

On the spot:
Chair yoga