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Meet our 341 teachers

Here are ten of our talented teachers, from a wide range of schools around the UK who have all contributed lessons to Oak. To find a particular teacher, browse by subject in the menu.

Lee Benn’s photo

Lee Benn

Secondary English

I am an English teacher currently living in the magnificent city of Sheffield, though the place I call home is actually in the Lake District. I have a passion for reading (like all English teachers) and combine my love for literature with a keen interest in history. My favourite thing about teaching is the experience of sharing my favourite books with students who may be reading them for the first time, and listening to the fascinating insights which children bring to the subject.

Ben Arscott’s photo

Ben Arscott

Secondary History

I am Ben Arscott and I teach history in Norfolk and lead on history curriculum-design across an academy trust. I am originally from Bristol but then went to secondary schools in France and Belgium where I weirdly ended up with two history GCSEs. Since moving back to the UK I’ve taught in Sheffield, East London, Norwich and now Cromer. I recently got a Labrador puppy so if you hear any strange noises during history lessons, it is probably Basil trying to get my attention.

Katie Bayley’s photo

Katie Bayley

Secondary English

I am KS3 Co-ordinator for Curriculum and Assessment and a passionate teacher of English at a secondary school in Sheffield. I also facilitate staff training on Anti-Racism Education. I have been teaching for 10 years and I could not imagine doing anything else! I am passionate about empowering students and ensuring the success of every child. I strongly believe in the power of words. My aim is to foster a love of language in the students that I teach, enabling them to see that language can be a powerful tool for self-expression and societal change. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy reading, attempting to play golf, dancing (not very well), running outdoors and writing about important issues.

Jess Howley’s photo

Jess Howley

Primary English

I am a Deputy Head teacher and English subject lead from Primary School in Salford, Greater Manchester. I love working on storytelling and writing with children across school. I love seeing the children grow in confidence, find their voices and develop a love of language during the storytelling process. It is so much fun and so rewarding!

James Findlay-Pidcock’s photo

James Findlay-Pidcock

Specialist Numeracy

I’m Assistant Headteacher, Head of Secondary and Maths Curriculum Leader at an Outstanding 4-19 Generic Learning Difficulty Special School in Lancashire. I’ve been teaching since 2011 and have been fortunate to work in a variety of settings across Mainstream (Primary and Secondary), AP and Special. I’m the Numeracy Subject Leader at Oak and I’m looking forward to working with my team of Numeracy teachers to show you how numeracy can be found ’in the real world!’

Anthony Latham’s photo

Anthony Latham

Primary Maths

I currently work as a Principal Delivery Lead and my role involves supporting Maths Leads and their teachers to plan and deliver more effective maths teaching, to in time have a sustained impact on teaching and learning.

Alice Gibbs’s photo

Alice Gibbs

Secondary Chemistry, Biology

I am a Zoology graduate and have been teaching science for 5 years. Although I love teaching all three sciences, I find Biology particularly fascinating, especially anything genetics or animal-related. In my spare time I enjoy rowing, baking, walking my gorgeous dog Darcy and watching Sci-Fi films!

Katie Dennett’s photo

Katie Dennett

Secondary Maths

I am a secondary school maths teacher, working in the north of England. The best part of my job is helping students to understand maths all day long. I enjoy talking about the methods and strategies that students use and there is nothing better than a student saying, ’’I get it!’’ I strongly believe that everybody can do maths, they just need time and the right explanation. I’m also a keen football fan; I love walking in the northern countryside and baking with my daughter.

James Dyke’s photo

James Dyke

Secondary English

I am currently Head of English at an all-through school in Leeds. I have been a teacher for six years, previously working in North Yorkshire and even a stint training teachers in Nepal. I am a football obsessive and big runner.

Miss Holland’s photo

Miss Holland

Secondary History

I am currently working as a History teacher at a school in Kettering, but you might hear my northern accent come through occasionally. I completed my degree in History and English at Loughborough University and just wanted to carry on learning. I absolutely love my subject and there’s always new and interesting things I’m finding out even as a teacher. You can normally find me travelling to as many places as possible (especially Italy) and, probably quite stereotypically, finding as many castles and ruins as I can to discover.