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Meet our 378 teachers

Here are ten of our talented teachers, from a wide range of schools around the UK who have all contributed lessons to Oak. To find a particular teacher, browse by subject in the menu.

Natalie James’s photo

Natalie James

Secondary German

Hallo! I’m Miss James and I teach languages. At Oak I teach German. In my free time I love to travel to practise my language skills and learn about other cultures. This stems from when I was in year 8 and went on a school trip to the Black Forest in Germany and now I’ve visited over 50 countries! 

Colette Dashwood’s photo

Colette Dashwood

Secondary History

I am a history teacher at a high school in Norwich. Since becoming a teacher ten years ago I have had the pleasure of teaching both history and English and I love both subjects equally! My favourite part of my job is seeing the progress that students can make over time and seeing them develop enthusiasm for their own learning.

Irfan Amin’s photo

Irfan Amin

Secondary & Primary Computing

I am the Head of Computer Science for an all-through academy in Enfield and the CS Network Lead for Ark Schools. Over my 13 year career in teaching, I have taught in across all phases (EYFS, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form) in and around North London. I genuinely love teaching Computer Science because I find it fascinating and I believe it can really unlock a range of future opportunities for those studying it. I also love working on media and technology projects including programming, sound/video editing, photography and web design.

Anna Waddell’s photo

Anna Waddell

Primary English Grammar, English

I am currently an assistant headteacher and SENDCo at an outstanding school in West London. I have taught across the school in my 10+ years of teaching. Before being a teacher, I grew up in London, studied anthropology and made documentaries for television. Naturally, therefore, I love travelling, stories and learning about different places and people. I also love supporting children, teachers and parents, who need a great range of support, so that everyone can reach their potential.

Joachim lund’s photo

Joachim lund

Secondary Maths

I work at Trinity Academy Halifax, home of White Rose Maths. I am lucky to be teaching in a phenomenal department that has helped me grow to be the best teacher I can be. I left school with no formal maths qualifications and only studied maths later on in life. Finding maths changed my life. If you can find something you love it will change your life too . . . that’s why I teach.

Rebecca  Offer’s photo

Rebecca Offer

Secondary Chemistry

I am a secondary school teacher in Bognor Regis and I teach both Biology and Chemistry GCSE as well as Biology A Level. My favourite part of teaching is seeing my students’ understanding of Science increase and their passion for the subject grow - it really is the most rewarding job. Outside of school, I like to travel to explore new places, bake lots of tasty treats and spend time with my lovely family and friends.

Ben Littlewood’s photo

Ben Littlewood

Secondary Science, Physics

I am currently the Director of Science for United Learning, where I advise and support the science departments across the Trust. I have taught all three sciences to KS4 and Biology, Physics and even...badly...Psychology at KS5 (but not as badly as the year 7 maths lessons that I taught in my first job).

Clare Richards’s photo

Clare Richards

Primary English Spelling

Hello, I’m Clare. I am the Lead Assistant Head at a large primary in London and I have a passion for school improvement and for English in particular. I attended Durham University and then experienced teaching abroad before deciding that engaging in learning with children and teachers was the most fun way to spend my working week! I have worked as an SLE in English and have written and delivered NQT and CPD training across London. I love reading and writing and I love stories. 

Darryl McNally’s photo

Darryl McNally

Secondary History

I am currently the Head of History at my school and teach students from the age of 11-18. My favourite part of the job is teaching young people about really interesting periods of history. Being able to teach people about fascinating periods which has helped shape modern Britain and the wider world is something I am passionate about. I also enjoy helping young people get the grades they need to succeed in the next phase of their life.

Emma Pemberton’s photo

Emma Pemberton

Specialist Early Development Learning

I’m a Teacher at an outstanding special school for learners aged 3-19. I specialise in teaching learners with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and I am an Engagement Model Lead Trainer. I have over 25 years’ experience working with children and young people in a range of different contexts and environments, specialising in engagement, creativity and development. I am passionate about creating and facilitating experiences to enhance and develop the lives of children and young people and privileged to be a part of doing so with the Oak National Academy