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Meet our 338 teachers

Here are ten of our talented teachers, from a wide range of schools around the UK who have all contributed lessons to Oak. To find a particular teacher, browse by subject in the menu.

Miss Porter’s photo

Miss Porter

Secondary History

Hello, my name is Miss Porter and I am currently a history teacher and Deputy Head of Sixth Form at a school in Norfolk. I became a teacher after completing a History degree and a masters in Modern European History at the University of East Anglia. Outside of teaching I enjoy walking, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Umhera Jadoon’s photo

Umhera Jadoon

Primary English

I’m an Assistant Principal in a wonderful school in the northwest. Teaching and sharing your light is the best thing about this job and I love the feeling of developing curiosity in little minds and stretching them to new possibilities.

Claire Couves’s photo

Claire Couves

Secondary Science

I am currently a head of science for a school in London. I love science, particularly chemistry and am passionate about ensuring pupils leave school with the scientific knowledge to understand the world around them. When not at school I enjoy walking and going on long bike rides.

Michael Chiles’s photo

Michael Chiles

Secondary Geography

I am currently a Geography Lead and Trust Lead working at a 11-18 academy in the north west of England. I have been teaching geography for 10 years now and I enjoy sharing the awe and wonder of our changing world. One of my favourite topics to teach is coastal landscapes.

Tilly Browne’s photo

Tilly Browne


I am currently the Primary Headteacher at a school in London. I have worked with children aged 2-11 and particularly love teaching Literacy. My favourite part of my job is the great conversations you can have with children about the interesting ways that they see the world and the chance to work with other incredible teachers.

Dr Clapp’s photo

Dr Clapp

Secondary Biology

I’m Faculty Leader for science at a secondary school in Swindon – I’m a biology specialist but I enjoy teaching all three sciences to my classes. After I finished my PhD I got involved with outreach at the University where I worked and this is when I discovered that I loved trying to get other people as enthusiastic about science as I am! A few years later I decided to retrain as a teacher and I’ve never regretted it. When I’m not in school I like to be out and about either walking with my two greyhounds or riding my horse.

Mrs Buckmire’s photo

Mrs Buckmire

Secondary Maths

Hello! I’m Mrs Buckmire and I am a Maths Lead Practitioner at a secondary school in London. I studied Mathematics at the University of Warwick before completing the Teach First programme, and I’ve been loving teaching ever since. I am super grateful to have been given the opportunity to help more young people improve their maths skills with Oak. I truly believe no one is born good at maths and instead it’s all about how much effort you put in – hard work pays off!

Cordelia Chu’s photo

Cordelia Chu

Primary English

I am currently an Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo with a passion for Inclusion. I have taught children from Nursery up to Year 6, but mostly enjoy working with children with special educational needs. My favourite and most rewarding part of my job is seeing all children make progress in their own ways and how this makes a positive impact on them as unique individuals. Outside of teaching, I love spending time with my family and friends, visiting new places and eating food from all over the world.

Tom Charles’s photo

Tom Charles

Secondary History

I am a history teacher from Norwich that teaches everyone between 11 and 18. I love history because it helps us piece together why things are the way they are today. No other subject helps us understand the world as much as history. In my spare time, I play football and am a big supporter of Norwich City!

Dom Campbell ’s photo

Dom Campbell

Secondary Chemistry, Combined Science

I am a head of science at a school in Stockport. I have been teaching science for 14 years, specialising in chemistry. I enjoy a ’good’ science joke, one of my favourites is "I heard oxygen and magnesium were going out, I was like O Mg!". Away from the classroom I’m a big football fan. I coach my son’s team and still try and play a bit myself.