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Meet our 378 teachers

Here are ten of our talented teachers, from a wide range of schools around the UK who have all contributed lessons to Oak. To find a particular teacher, browse by subject in the menu.

Laura Quick’s photo

Laura Quick

Secondary History

I am Laura Quick and I am Head of History at a secondary school in North London. I love teaching history because it is full of so many hidden stories that are just waiting to be told! Everyday I learn something new and absolutely love sharing this learning with my brilliant students. In my spare time, I love reading, running and cycling and exploring new cities and places.

Katie Strmec’s photo

Katie Strmec

Secondary Biology, Science

Hi! I am a secondary science teacher with a specialism in biology. I am Canadian but have lived in the UK for 5 years. My favourite part of my job is being able to share my passion for science with children and inspire them to seek further opportunities within STEM programs!

Victoria Smith’s photo

Victoria Smith

Primary Literacy

I currently work as an Assistant Head at a primary school in London. I began teaching in West Yorkshire in 2009, before moving to London and working for an Academy Trust as an Assistant Head and across schools as a Network Lead Teacher, supporting school improvement. My favourite part of my current role is leading literacy and I particularly enjoy seeing how much progress children can make with an inspiring literacy curriculum and passionate teachers.

Jo Shaw’s photo

Jo Shaw

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

I am a Secondary Middle Leader who holds the Teaching and Learning Responsibility for PSHE within my school setting, and am also the Mental Health First Aid Lead Practitioner, a Specialist Leader of Education and an integral part of the commissioning school’s role in the ’Future in Mind’ initiative for Warrington. I achieved my Master of Arts in Education (focusing on meeting the Programme of Study requirements for PSHE) in 2017. I am passionate about promoting positive mental health and reducing the stigma attached to Mental Health illnesses, and have worked with colleagues in a variety of school settings and external support agencies to improve the in-school support available to young people across Warrington. My desire is for all young people to be educated in the skills and knowledge required to thrive in life, and supported in their learning in order to succeed as healthy, well-rounded citizens. Good quality PSHE is the vehicle for achieving this goal.

Mrs Walsh’s photo

Mrs Walsh

Secondary Science

I have been teaching science to 11-16 year olds for over 7 years and I teach all three disciplines, but chemistry is my favourite! What I love about my subject is that is that science is EVERYWHERE - I enjoy viewing the world through a scientific eye and knowing how stuff works. I also love working with young people and I really enjoy creating those ’’light bulb’’ moments. I measure success in my job, not by grades, but by how many times my heart smiles. To me, that’s what makes teaching worthwhile.

Pam Stallard’s photo

Pam Stallard

Secondary Spanish

I am currently head of MFL and professional tutor at a school in Brighton. I teach French and Spanish to GCSE level, and also coordinate our international visitors and our work with LGBTQ students, including running our weekly LGBTQ club. My favourite part of my job is when the penny drops and someone learns something new. I also love hearing jokes and stories from all my students.

Miss. Molnar’s photo

Miss. Molnar

EYFS & Primary Maths

Hello friends, I’m Miss Molnar! I am currently a Maths Specialist teacher at a primary school in Woolwich. I have been teaching for eight years now and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I love working with children and I am passionate about maths. I support teaching and learning in maths across my partnership as well as locally as a Mastery Specialist. The most rewarding experience I’ve had so far in my career was having the opportunity to visit Shanghai to observe Mastery teaching in action!

Melanie Tong’s photo

Melanie Tong

Primary Art & Design

I am an artist and a teacher, working in East Kent. I live and work 5 minutes from the beach, and it influences my art work enormously. I mostly paint, looking at the forms of the sea, but often incorporate printed or collaged elements too. I teach art and creative topic projects in two schools each week, working with children aged 6-11.

Maurice Minette-George’s photo

Maurice Minette-George

Specialist Independent Living

I’m currently the Assistant Head of an SEN school and have been in the role for five years. I’ve been working in Special Education for the last ten years and I am passionate about all young people achieving their aspirations and improving life outcomes. I love facilitating learning through creativity and real life experiences.

Andy Saville’s photo

Andy Saville

Secondary Combined Science, Physics

I am currently the Head of Science at Sheffield Springs Academy, working with students aged 11-16. My favourite part of my job is the interactions with students, and helping to inspire and motivate them to succeed in both science, and across the school.