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Meet our 11 Citizenship teachers

Scott Amott’s photo

Scott Amott

Secondary Citizenship

I am currently curriculum team leader for Social Science at a school in Derbyshire, where I have worked since 2008. I currently teach Citizenship alongside Sociology and law as well as being one of the East Midland ambassadors for my subject Association.

Zoe Baker’s photo

Zoe Baker

Secondary Citizenship

Hi, my name is Zoe Baker, I have been teaching History and other Humanities since 1999 and worked in many different roles in that time. These have included Head of Department and Assistant Headteacher. I am currently working at a selective school in Kent where I enjoy working with the ladies who attend and often helping them see the world from a different perspective. This is the power of Citizenship! As well as teaching in school, I work with the Holocaust Education Trust as an educator on their outreach programmes and Lessons from Auschwitz Project. I am also lucky enough to work with a wonderful group of Citizenship teachers at my subject Association who support people regionally in my role as Senior Advisory Teacher. The Citizenship team are really looking forward to working with you all over the coming weeks.

Mrs Terri Barry’s photo

Mrs Terri Barry

Secondary Citizenship

I have an MSc in Teaching and Learning from Oxford University, where I also completed my PGCE in RE and Citizenship. I have been teaching both these subjects since 2010 and became passionate about building a department which values both RE and Citizenship. I accomplished this in  in 2015 and am now Subject Lead of Citizenship, Religion, Philosophy, Ethics and PSHE at a secondary school in Kent where all students take GCSE in both Citizenship and RE. I enjoy the challenge of discussing important issues which impact all our lives with my students. Outside the classroom I enjoy the great outdoors, running, baking and spending time with my family.

Helen Blachford’s photo

Helen Blachford

Secondary Citizenship

I am a secondary school citizenship teacher, originally from Newcastle, teaching in Portsmouth. I became a citizenship teacher because I am passionate about enabling young people to have a voice and take action on issues they feel strongly about! I have recently spent a lot of time developing new lessons on Media Literacy for my students - I was fortunate to spend time in the USA in 2019 on a teacher exchange focusing on media literacy so have been putting my learning into practice. I’m also my subject’s Association’s South East Regional Ambassador. When I’m not teaching, I love watching football, yoga, going to the theatre, baking, and reading.

Hibo Elmi’s photo

Hibo Elmi

Secondary Citizenship

Hello! My name is Hibo Elmi, and I am a Politics and Citizenship teacher working in a secondary school in north London. After reading Law at university, I briefly worked in the charity sector before embarking into the world of teaching. I’ve taught pupils ranging from 11- 18 and have loved every minute. Being apart of their learning journey and empowering them with the tools, knowledge and skill to be active participants of the world around them and providing them with the building blocks to bring about the changes they want to see, is why I love to teach. In my spare time, I like to stay active and enjoy boxing as well as reading and spending time with friends and family.

Jane Haynes’s photo

Jane Haynes

Secondary Citizenship

Hello. I am currently Head of Citizenship at a secondary school in Gloucestershire but I have enjoyed teaching in Portsmouth, Slough and Hayes in outer London prior to that. I have around one hundred pupils who have chosen to study GCSE Citizenship with me at the moment and I really love teaching them. Like several of my Oak colleagues, I am an Ambassador for my subject Association which has enabled me to share my interest for current political affairs, history, the justice system and the UK economy with fellow practitioners. When I am not teaching, I can usually be found walking on the acres of common land near my home with my massive black flat coat Retriever called Toby Dog.

Daryl Henson’s photo

Daryl Henson

Secondary Citizenship

I am currently a secondary school teacher teaching Citizenship and English Language/Literature. My favourite part of my job is seeing that lightbulb moment where a pupil understands new information for the first time. I love teaching Citizenship, as it allows young people to learn all about their rights and how society works.

Bryden Joy’s photo

Bryden Joy

Secondary Citizenship

I am currently a teacher of PSHE and Citizenship at a secondary school in Hampshire. I love helping my pupils to understand their place in the world and seeing them develop into fully-functioning members of society by the time they leave in Year 11.

Ben Miskell’s photo

Ben Miskell

Secondary Citizenship

I am a secondary school Citizenship teacher from Sheffield. I became a Citizenship teacher over a decade ago because I wanted to make sure that young people have the skills and knowledge to change the world! I’m also my subject Association’s Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Ambassador, which involves me supporting other teachers across the region. When I’m not teaching, I’m busy campaigning in my community. I also have a passion for travel and hope that my next trip will be an adventure to Kazakhstan.

Mrs Shortland’s photo

Mrs Shortland

Secondary Citizenship

Hello everyone, I am Head of Citizenship at a secondary school in Leicester and I love my job. Actually, I think teaching is the best job in the world and I feel very honoured to be in this profession. What’s better than that? Being a citizenship specialist. Citizenship is incredible, I have watched many former students grow in confidence, join youth movements, start Law and Politics degrees at university, attend Parliament committee meetings advocating for changes on issues that concern them. Citizenship changes lives!

Kirsty White’s photo

Kirsty White

Secondary Citizenship

I am currently a subject leader for Citizenship and PSHE in an 11-18 secondary school in Dorset. I am also a national ambassador for my subject Association, representing South West England. My favourite part of my job is introducing young people to Active Citizenship and helping them to develop their knowledge and skills for their future lives in society.