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Meet our 5 Combined Science teachers

Shanaz Begum’s photo

Shanaz Begum

Secondary Chemistry, Combined Science

I am currently teaching science in a school in Salford. I love science, especially chemistry. I have been teaching for 17 years and teaching isn’t just a job for me, I love it and I wouldn’t do anything else. I love the interaction with students and how everyday is different. When I’m not teaching I love to cook for my family and enjoy reading a good book.

Dom Campbell ’s photo

Dom Campbell

Secondary Chemistry, Combined Science

I am a head of science at a school in Stockport. I have been teaching science for 14 years, specialising in chemistry. I enjoy a ’good’ science joke, one of my favourites is ’’I heard oxygen and magnesium were going out, I was like O Mg!’’. Away from the classroom I’m a big football fan. I coach my son’s team and still try and play a bit myself.

Eileen Deng’s photo

Eileen Deng

Secondary Chemistry, Combined Science

I’m a Head of Science and KS4 subject lead at a school in London. I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham as I’ve always been interested in the manufacturing of makeup products and I have a PhD in the synthesis of high-value biodegradable polymers using microwaves. I worked at one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies before becoming a Science teacher and my favourite part of my job is sharing my experience in industry with students and inspiring students to pursue a career in STEM. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy playing the guitar, baking and gardening.

Andy Saville’s photo

Andy Saville

Secondary Combined Science, Physics

I am currently the Head of Science at Sheffield Springs Academy, working with students aged 11-16. My favourite part of my job is the interactions with students, and helping to inspire and motivate them to succeed in both science, and across the school.

Claudia Wong’s photo

Claudia Wong

Secondary Biology, Combined Science

I am currently a head of science of a school located in London. I studied at the University for Hong Kong and then I pursued a Master’s degree at the University of Exeter. I moved to the UK six years ago and I have been teaching for five years now. I enjoy every minute of teaching and becoming a teacher is the best decision I have ever made. When I am not teaching, I enjoy going to the gym, photography and propagating succulents. I have so many succulent plants that I have lost count!