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Meet our 12 Computing teachers

Kashif Ahmed’s photo

Kashif Ahmed

Secondary Computing (Non-GCSE), Computing

Hi, I’m Kashif Ahmed and I am Head of Computing and Business at an academy trust based in Yorkshire. I work with an incredible team to inspire the next generation of computer scientists. I have always been passionate about computer science and love experimenting with the latest technology. In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton, travelling, running and sleight of hand card tricks. 

Sara Alade’s photo

Sara Alade

Secondary & Primary Computing

I teach Computing and have the passion to share the love of computing with my students, providing diverse learning opportunities for all students. My overriding aim when teacher Computing is to bridge the equity gap between gender and for all students regardless of their background. Computer Science cuts through every facet of life and I believe all students should be Computer Science literate.

Irfan Amin’s photo

Irfan Amin

Secondary & Primary Computing

I am the Head of Computer Science for an all-through academy in Enfield and the CS Network Lead for Ark Schools. Over my 13 year career in teaching, I have taught in across all phases (EYFS, Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form) in and around North London. I genuinely love teaching Computer Science because I find it fascinating and I believe it can really unlock a range of future opportunities for those studying it. I also love working on media and technology projects including programming, sound/video editing, photography and web design.

Halima Bhayat’s photo

Halima Bhayat

Secondary Computing (Non-GCSE), Computing

I am currently Head of Computing, Teacher of Digital T-Levels, imedia and Director of Digital Learning at a Secondary School. I am also Merton CAS Community leader. I work with pupils from ages 11-19 and supported primary, disadvantage students and EYFS schools and organisations. My favourite part of my job is interactions with children and seeing progress specifically with communication and how much this can change a child’s life. I am very passionate about changing pupils mind set about technology and I like to bring reality to lessons, specifically making girls of ethnic background involved in a male dominated environment.

Jordan Bickel’s photo

Jordan Bickel

Primary Computing

I’m a class teacher at a primary school in South West London and I have been a Computing Subject Leader for 3 years. I’m originally from Carmel, California! I studied Music and Biology at the University of Redlands in California and completed a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Denver in Colorado. I believe learning should be fun and I’m excited to share my enthusiasm for learning with all the students at Oak National Academy. When I’m not teaching, I also like to sing musical theatre, bake delicious sweets and travel the world. 

Mac Bowley’s photo

Mac Bowley

Secondary Computing

I am a Learning Manager for a Foundation, that make tiny computers and teach computing and digital skills to people all over the world. I work on the online courses team helping support teachers of computing around the world by providing the knowledge and resources they need to be the best teachers they can be. For the past few months I have also been creating resources to use in the classroom. The best part about my job is getting to work with and support the amazing community of teachers that work tirelessly to deliver the computing curriculum around the country.

Josh Crossman’s photo

Josh Crossman

Primary Computing

I am an ex-primary school teacher and leader of Computing, where I worked with Year 1 and Year 5. I now work with a Foundation and helped create resources for the Teach Computing Curriculum, which was a fantastic experience. I’m looking forward to sharing these resources with you! Outside of work I like to visit new places and enjoy woodworking.

Rebecca Franks’s photo

Rebecca Franks

Secondary Computing

After working for 15 years as a computing teacher in the West Midlands I joined the National Centre for Computing Education to write a full and comprehensive curriculum for Computing. I have a keen interest in encouraging minority groups to study Computing and support teachers with training on how to increase diversity in this valuable subject. I believe that all learners should have the opportunity to study Computing and I hope that the materials that we are producing for Oak will enable more people to access and study great Computing lessons.

Ben Garside’s photo

Ben Garside

Secondary Computing

Having working in a comprehensive secondary school in Durham for 14 years, where I taught Computing to all ages from years 7 to 13, I am now a learning manager at a Foundation. Over the past 18 months we have been developing a full set of classroom resources for key stages 1 to 4 to cover the whole computing curriculum. What I really love about my subject is that I think that Computing is such a powerful subject. We help develop skills such as computational thinking that will be tools that students will use throughout their lives. I’m also a firm believer that we need to show learners how to harness technological developments and become digital makers rather than to become slaves to it. There’s also no better moment in the classroom when you hear the ’’Yes!’’ or the high fives when students work out how to solve their own problems.

Ben Hall’s photo

Ben Hall

Primary Computing

I spent nearly 10 years teaching in primary schools in Greater Manchester. For the majority of that time I was Computing coordinator at a Primary School in Rochdale, teaching computing to all year groups from Foundation Stage to Year 6. Nothing can beat the ’lightbulb’ moment of when a child or group of children makes that breakthrough in learning! I am now a Learning Manager for a Foundation that is creating resources to help teachers deliver a world class computing curriculum.

Allen Heard’s photo

Allen Heard

Secondary Computing

I’m Allen Heard and I work as a Senior Learning Manager at a Foundation focused on Secondary Computing. I am an ex Head of Computer Science where I taught computing for over 10 years including programming in Python. When I’m not creating content for the Oak National Academy I love working with gadgets and tech, I also have an interest in nature, particularly insects and taking cool pictures of them.

Charu Walia’s photo

Charu Walia

Primary Computing

My name is Charu and I am a specialist Computing Teacher in a three-form entry school in High Wycombe. I teach all year groups, I particularly enjoy teaching mouse manoeuvre skills to Year 1 and Year 2 as that age group is from a touch screen era. I love the way digital tools can further enhance the learning experiences for students and get them ready for digital life ahead. When I am not teaching, I enjoy listening to music, doing yoga and going for long walks. I love spending time and making memories with my two teenage boys.