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Meet our 7 Design & Technology teachers

Deborah Bishop’s photo

Deborah Bishop

Primary Design & Technology

Hello, my name is Mrs Bishop. I am a primary school teacher working in North London. My job is just the best. I just love seeing a child having a ‘lightbulb moment’ and having fun with learning! When I am not working I love walking my miniature dappled dachshund Freddie in the countryside and baking my famous chocolate chip cookies.

John Donnelly’s photo

John Donnelly

Secondary Design & Technology

I am Head of D&T at a lovely school in Bolton, I have been teaching D&T for 19 years and love it! My favourite part of my job is seeing a pupil stuck with a problem that they are trying to fix, and then seeing the look on their face when they have solved it. D&T really helps pupils understand the world around them.

Rebecca Enock’s photo

Rebecca Enock

Primary Design & Technology

I am a primary school teacher and have loved teaching since 2002. I love teaching and helping children reach their full potential. I have always believed every child can succeed, they just need the right encouragement, support and challenge. Since 2019, I have also enjoyed teaching children online with my tutoring business Enock Education. I love reading, yoga and exploring the outdoors with my family and pup called Izzy.

Kate Finlay’s photo

Kate Finlay

Secondary Design & Technology

I am currently Head of Design & Technology at a school in Norfolk. I absolutely love learning how to use new machinery and learning about new technologies. I also really enjoy modelling and playing with lots of different types of materials across D&T. One of my favourite parts of being a D&T teacher is watching the Year 7s when they first walk into the design studio, kitchen or workshop for the first time.

Lisa Larham’s photo

Lisa Larham

Primary Design & Technology

Hello! My name is Miss Larham and I am currently an assistant headteacher and SENCO from a small primary school in Bedfordshire. I am very lucky that I get to teach Design & Technology to all the classes in my school. D&T is my favourite subject as we get to learn lots of practical skills and help to solve real life, challenging problems. Outside of teaching I love to spend time with my family, and I enjoy walking through woodlands and along the beach. 

Leanne Mee’s photo

Leanne Mee

Primary Design & Technology

I am a secondary trained Design and Technology teacher and have been teaching since 2002! I absolutely love teaching and inspiring young people about everything within our environment that has been designed and made. I work with lots of different schools across Shropshire with children of all ages and I absolutely love what I do! I also work with lots of teachers to support them in teaching Design and Technology.

Drew Wicken’s photo

Drew Wicken

Secondary Design & Technology

I am currently a teacher of design and technology at a secondary school in the city of Stoke-on-Trent. I have been privileged to have taught in many areas of England, seeing the excellent work students can produce in the subject. My favourite part of my job is seeing students enthused and motivated to create product to solve a problem set out in a design brief.