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Meet our 3 Early Development Learning teachers

Kate Davies’s photo

Kate Davies

Specialist Creative Arts, Early Development Learning

I am an Assistant Headteacher at a Nottinghamshire special school and have taught at similar schools in the city and county for 25 years, across all phases. My real teaching strength and passion is working with those pupils working at developmentally early levels (PMLD), making all subjects accessible for them in a way that is developmentally appropriate and engaging, particularly great art and literature. I am a passionate advocate for our pupils and their right to high-quality, aspirational learning and meaningful life opportunities. Through my leadership role I challenge other practitioners to have these aspirations for our learners too.

Emma Pemberton’s photo

Emma Pemberton

Specialist Early Development Learning

I’m a Teacher at an outstanding special school for learners aged 3-19. I specialise in teaching learners with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and I am an Engagement Model Lead Trainer. I have over 25 years’ experience working with children and young people in a range of different contexts and environments, specialising in engagement, creativity and development. I am passionate about creating and facilitating experiences to enhance and develop the lives of children and young people and privileged to be a part of doing so with the Oak National Academy

Katherine Shearer’s photo

Katherine Shearer

Specialist Communication and Language, Early Development Learning

I am a Special Educational Needs teacher for pupils of a range of ages. I have a specific interest in all things communication. I am a huge fan of Intensive Interaction, play and Makaton signing!