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Meet our 3 English Spelling teachers

Nick Marsh’s photo

Nick Marsh

Primary English Spelling

I work in KS2 in a primary school in London. I really enjoy that I get to teach all subjects to the pupils and the variety that this brings. My favourite part of my job is my interactions with the children as they are so unpredictable, provide many moments of laughter and I enjoy seeing them progress throughout the year.

Ros Morgan’s photo

Ros Morgan

EYFS & Primary English Spelling

I am Deputy Head at a primary school in central London and I’ve taught for a number of years across the primary age phase, but especially enjoy EYFS and KS1. I’m lucky to have a huge amount of variety in my job; I teach regularly, train teachers, run a variety of courses and love early maths. Outside of school I love to travel, bake and support Wales in the rugby!

Clare Richards’s photo

Clare Richards

Primary English Spelling

Hello, I’m Clare. I am the Lead Assistant Head at a large primary in London and I have a passion for school improvement and for English in particular. I attended Durham University and then experienced teaching abroad before deciding that engaging in learning with children and teachers was the most fun way to spend my working week! I have worked as an SLE in English and have written and delivered NQT and CPD training across London. I love reading and writing and I love stories.