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Meet our 16 German teachers

Jennifer Bolton’s photo

Jennifer Bolton

Secondary German

I am a French and German teacher in a secondary school in Buckinghamshire and am currently in charge of German. After graduating from Oxford University, I worked in law and finance before becoming a teacher. Although my job roles have been very varied, I’ve always worked with languages and can highly recommend it! I am very passionate about my subjects and about teaching them to young people and am delighted to have been asked to participate in this extremely worthwhile project helping other schools and pupils at this extremely difficult time. I love travelling and being a mum!

Simone Conboy’s photo

Simone Conboy

Secondary German

Guten Tag! My name is Simone Conboy. Originally from East Germany, I have been teaching for over 20 years in England now. I am currently a teacher of Modern Languages at Lady Manners School, Bakewell. I have a particular interest in bilingualism and I love watching foreign films. My favourite film is ’Der Himmel über Berlin’.

Frau Cross’s photo

Frau Cross

Secondary German

Hallo Leute! I am Frau Cross, Head of German at a successful IB school. I am from Germany and really enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for and first-hand experience of the German language and culture. In my lessons, I will make reference to cultural aspects of life in German-speaking countries, where possible. Come and join me!

Jane Driver’s photo

Jane Driver

Secondary German

I am an MFL teacher and Deputy Principal at a secondary school in Peterborough. Prior to becoming a teacher, I had a career in the military and was based overseas in Germany - this is where my passion for languages started! My aim as a teacher is to share my love of languages with my students, and to support and motivate them to love learning and be successful. I’m also very proud to have created national language projects such as the Foreign Language Spelling Bee and Translation Bee.

Thomas Geary’s photo

Thomas Geary

Secondary German, Spanish, French

Empowering change through language education.

Jenny Hopper’s photo

Jenny Hopper

Secondary German

I’m Mrs Hopper and I’m Head of Languages at a school in the South East, teaching German, French and some Spanish. After my languages degree at Oxford, I worked in commerce for 16 years before becoming a teacher. It’s a real thrill helping learners to become more confident and effective in communicating in foreign languages and in understanding new cultures. In my free time I love music, and travelling, which keeps those life-long language learning skills in good shape!

Natalie James’s photo

Natalie James

Secondary German

Hallo! I’m Miss James and I teach languages. At Oak I teach German. In my free time I love to travel to practise my language skills and learn about other cultures. This stems from when I was in year 8 and went on a school trip to the Black Forest in Germany and now I’ve visited over 50 countries! 

Zoe Johnson’s photo

Zoe Johnson

Secondary German

I am currently a Progress and Achievement Leader in the House team at my school in West Berkshire. Prior to that I was Head of German at my school for 12 years. I teach German and Spanish and I love languages and creating enthusiasm around languages in my students. My favourite city is Berlin and I can’t wait to visit there again. Outside of teaching I love to get outdoors with my two children and explore the local area.

Adam Jones’s photo

Adam Jones

Secondary German

Having graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2015 I went straight into teaching, and am now embarking on my third year as Head of German at my school. I really enjoy the diversity of a teaching career, with no two days being the same, and being in a working environment which offers a great balance of interaction, independence and collaboration.

Mrs Karmi’s photo

Mrs Karmi

Secondary German

I am a Subject Leader of German and have been teaching for over 10 years! I would say I am a huge German enthusiast and love sharing my passion of language, learning and culture in my everyday life. Helping students develop into proficient language speakers really is the best bit of my job - asides from lots of German language trips abroad!

Señora Redman’s photo

Señora Redman

Secondary German, Spanish

¡Hola! I am the Curriculum Leader for Spanish at a Secondary school in Buckinghamshire and I love teaching languages. I studied French and Spanish for my degree at Anglia Ruskin University - but that was a very long time ago! I have been very lucky to have been able to use my languages at work - I worked at The French Embassy in London for a while and then spent many years in the publishing industry before I decided to go into teaching! I hope you get to love languages as much a I do!

Señora Russ’s photo

Señora Russ

Secondary German, Spanish, French

¡Hola! Hallo! Salut! I’m Mrs Russ and I’ve been teaching Languages to 11-18 year olds in Hertfordshire for the past 18 years. I love inspiring young people to learn and develop a passion for my subjects. After studying Spanish, French and German at Durham University, I used my languages in business before becoming a teacher and Head of Spanish. In my free time I enjoy art, foreign travel, exercising and baking with my children.

Paul Scales’s photo

Paul Scales

Secondary German

I have been teaching for over 30 years! In my career I have taught all ages from 8 to 80, but I am a secondary specialist and have been a head of department for the last 9 years. My favourite part of teaching is watching young people become more knowledgeable and confident in my subject and opening their eyes to new ideas, as well as broadening cultural horizons 

Anna Sichla’s photo

Anna Sichla

Secondary German

Einen wunderschönen guten Tag! I am Frau Sichla and I am from the beautiful city of Köln in Germany. I lived in Austria for three years before moving to England ten years ago. What I enjoy about teaching German is that I not only get to share my love for the language, but also enthuse others for the culture. Who wouldn’t want a Schultüte on their first day of school, celebrate the madness of Kölner Karneval or eat a Bratwurst at a traditional German Weihnachtsmarkt? Being able to speak another language is such a valuable tool and I am excited to help you improve your German language skills. 

Stuart Williams’s photo

Stuart Williams

Secondary German

I am an Assistant Headteacher at a grammar school in Kent and have been teaching German for 13 years. As part of the national Modern Foreign Language (MFL) pedagogy project, led by the National Centre for Excellence for Language Pedagogy, I am a Specialist Teacher and lead my school’s involvement in this exciting national programme, seeking to change the way we teach MFL at KS3 to lead to higher uptake at KS4. I have lived, worked and travelled in many countries around the world through my language learning, and enjoy helping pupils start off on a similar journey of discovery of their own.

Mel Yates’s photo

Mel Yates

Secondary German

Hallo! I am Head of Languages at a school in Hertfordshire, just north of London and have been teaching German and French since before you were born! I love all languages but particularly German. I fell in love with Germany where I lived for a year with a German family in Bavaria. German is such a logical and slightly amusing language as you will soon see. I am really looking forward to teaching you and hope you become an avid fan of this wonderfully diverse country and the people who live there. Bis bald!