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Meet our 42 Maths teachers

Laura Behan’s photo

Laura Behan

Primary Maths

Hi there! I am a friendly, passionate leader at a school in Bolton. I currently teach in Key Stage 1 - and I love it! Being a teacher is magical and no day is ever the same. The children in my class keep me laughing all day long. My favourite subject to teach is Maths. When I was at school, I found maths tricky. I worked very hard and succeeded! I love being able to teach maths to the young children in my school and teaching it in a way that makes it easy!

Avril Bramble ’s photo

Avril Bramble

Primary Maths

I am currently a year 1 teacher at a school in Birmingham. I have been teaching for 8 years now and it’s not just a job, it’s a part of who I am. I love working with children, making learning hands on, exploring new adventures within the classroom and ensuring all our learning is fun and active. 

Mrs Buckmire’s photo

Mrs Buckmire

Secondary Maths

Hello! I’m Mrs Buckmire and I am a Maths Lead Practitioner at a secondary school in London. I studied Mathematics at the University of Warwick before completing the Teach First programme, and I’ve been loving teaching ever since. I am super grateful to have been given the opportunity to help more young people improve their maths skills with Oak. I truly believe no one is born good at maths and instead it’s all about how much effort you put in – hard work pays off!

Ken Chan’s photo

Ken Chan

Secondary Maths

I have been teaching maths in secondary for over ten years now, I am an Associate Lead Teacher at the school I work in. This means that I help other teachers plan and deliver great lessons to maximise learning for students. My favourite part of the job is when I teach really tricky concepts to students and they understand the topic.

Megan Charlton’s photo

Megan Charlton

Primary Maths

I am currently a primary teacher at a school in London, where I have taught for the past six years. I absolutely love teaching and spending time getting to know the children. I think it is the most rewarding and fulfilling job in the world! When I’m not teaching, I love sports, reading, travelling the world and climbing mountains! 

Rob Clasper’s photo

Rob Clasper

Secondary Maths

I have been working as a secondary mathematics teacher for around eight years now. In this time I have taught a range of abilities across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. I also work as a Secondary Mathematics Specialist working collaboratively with members of my department and colleagues from a range of secondary and primary schools, aiming to improve the quality of teaching of mathematics. My favourite topic in mathematics is trigonometry. Outside of teaching I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children, playing guitar and watching football.

Ashton Coward’s photo

Ashton Coward

Secondary Maths

Hi I’m Mr Coward, I am a maths teacher at a school in Barrow-in-Furness. I’m very passionate about both maths and teaching, so I love my job! I feel very privileged to have worked with Oak National Academy to be able to provide support and maths lessons should you need them. When I am not busy with work, doing maths or reading about maths I like to be active, this includes going to the gym, hiking and playing sports. I also love to visit new countries and experience new cultures.

Ellie Crane’s photo

Ellie Crane

Primary Maths

I live in Portsmouth with my husband and daughter, I also have a dog called Arlo and a cat called Nala. In the school I work at I usually teach in year 4 but I have taught in other year groups too. As a primary teacher, I have always taught all subjects but I particularly enjoy teaching maths. When I was at school, I found maths difficult so teaching it means I have the chance to make maths fun and help children to understand the different concepts. I’ve really enjoyed teaching lessons for Oak National!

Sara Darwish’s photo

Sara Darwish

Primary Maths

I am a primary school teacher from West London. I have been teaching since 2014 and I have taught both in Milton Keynes and West Drayton. I am currently a Year 6 teacher and a Maths coordinator at my school and I ensure my students are just as excited about learning Maths as I am! I have a degree in Finance and Accounting and I also have a Masters in Mathematics Education. In my spare time, I enjoy spending a lot of time in my kitchen baking and cooking and I also enjoy painting my nails.

Miss Davies’s photo

Miss Davies

Secondary Maths

I am currently a Lead Teacher of maths at a secondary school. I am in my sixth year of teaching. My favourite thing about my job is that every day is different, and a new opportunity to help young people.

Katie Dennett’s photo

Katie Dennett

Secondary Maths

I am a secondary school maths teacher, working in the north of England. The best part of my job is helping students to understand maths all day long. I enjoy talking about the methods and strategies that students use and there is nothing better than a student saying, ’’I get it!’’ I strongly believe that everybody can do maths, they just need time and the right explanation. I’m also a keen football fan; I love walking in the northern countryside and baking with my daughter.

Jessica Dobrowolski’s photo

Jessica Dobrowolski

Primary Maths

I am currently a primary school teacher in London. This is my first year teaching in England as I am from New York City! My favourite part of teaching is listening to all the different perspectives of my students. When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling and reading mystery novels.

Kerry Harris’s photo

Kerry Harris

EYFS & Primary Maths

Teaching keeps me young at heart and I wish I’d found my passion earlier in life. I have taught in EYFS and KS1, but now it is time for me to spread my wings and move to KS2. I enjoy making learning cross-curricular and the children appreciate the immersive nature of my lessons. I am kept busy at a one form entry school in Suffolk as I wear many hats; class teacher, LKS2 Lead, Forest School Leader, Art, Design and Technology, and MFL Lead. I also work with Cambridge Maths Hub as one of their Teaching for Mastery Specialists. Sometimes I crochet and sleep, but not at the same time! 

Annabel Hill’s photo

Annabel Hill

Primary Maths

I am a KS2 teacher and have taught at my school since completing my teacher training there! I love teaching and my favourite part of my job is growing children’s curiosity about the living world and seeing them take this knowledge and use it in multiple ways.

Miss Hughes’s photo

Miss Hughes


I’m Miss Hughes and I am currently a Year 6 primary teacher in London. After university, I spent two years teaching in a primary school in Kent as a participant on the Teach First programme, before moving back to London three years ago. When I am not teaching, I love cooking (and eating!) and am often trying out new recipes!

Sanna Jeremy’s photo

Sanna Jeremy

Primary Maths

I am currently a Primary School teacher and Primary English Lead at an all-through school in East London. I have worked with pupils across the whole of Key Stage 2 and have particularly enjoyed the coverage of lesson topics and pedagogical insight that this has offered. My favourite part of the job is seeing pupils’ characters grow as they progress through their school career.

Bethan Jones’s photo

Bethan Jones

Secondary Maths

I am currently the Deputy Head of Maths in a secondary school in West London. My favourite part about teaching maths is when my students get that ’’eureka’’ moment and enjoyment from finding a solution, where I can see their confidence in my subject grow! When I’m not teaching I love to sing in my a cappella group and play netball.

Miss Jones’s photo

Miss Jones

Primary Maths

Hi, I’m Miss Jones! I have been teaching for seven years and have experience in KS1 and KS2. Currently, I teach in year 2 and I am the Key Stage One Phase leader at my school. I love spending time outdoors and my favourite hobby is riding my bike!

Kate Jones’s photo

Kate Jones

Primary Maths

I work with a range of schools to support with and develop their mathematics curriculum, promoting mastery. Prior to that, I was a maths leader in a primary school, teaching pupils in both Key Stage 1 and 2.

Mr Kelsall’s photo

Mr Kelsall

Primary Maths

I’m based in Manchester and originally trained in secondary mathematics before transitioning into primary where I now work as a Specialist Leader of Education, supporting a range of schools at various levels. I also hold a headship qualification (NPQH), a Masters in Educational Leadership and consult for a variety of educational companies. Aside from teaching, I used to work as a tour leader – taking people all around the world. So in my spare time, you’ll find me up a mountain, on a beach or in a campervan enjoying life!

Amisha Khaira’s photo

Amisha Khaira

EYFS & Primary Maths

I am currently a Year 1 teacher and project coordinator working with a fantastic team of dedicated staff at a local primary school. As a passionate educator, mentor and coach, I have had the joy of working with pupils and colleagues to support learning and development across the school - something that I have been keen to develop further as a Specialist Leader of Education (SLE). My favourite part of my job is bringing energy, enthusiasm and excitement into education, and, as a former corporate world employee, this is something that I cherish and aim to do everyday.

Kate Kidd-Rossiter’s photo

Kate Kidd-Rossiter

Secondary Maths

I am currently Head of Maths at a school in East Hull, where I teach students in years 7 to 11. I am also involved with the local Maths Hub as a Secondary Mastery Specialist. I have always loved maths and the sense of accomplishment at understanding something new. I still enjoy finding new and interesting ways to complete new maths problems! My professional interests: teaching for understanding, developing language and communication skills through Maths, leading professional development for teachers and the psychology of maths learning and retention.

Mr Langton’s photo

Mr Langton

Secondary Maths

Do you know what I find really odd? Seven! I’m Mr Langton, and I absolutely love teaching and doing Maths. I do Maths in the morning, I do Maths in the Math-ternoon, and I also do Maths in the Even-ing. (Get it? Even-ing?). I love Maths jokes, and I will not feel complete until I find a Maths pun for ’’morning’’. I teach these jokes (and Maths in general) to an awesome bunch of secondary school students and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. Aside from perhaps being a professional tea taster. Mmmm, Earl Grey...

Anthony Latham’s photo

Anthony Latham

Primary Maths

I currently work as a Principal Delivery Lead and my role involves supporting Maths Leads and their teachers to plan and deliver more effective maths teaching, to in time have a sustained impact on teaching and learning.

Joachim lund’s photo

Joachim lund

Secondary Maths

I work at Trinity Academy Halifax, home of White Rose Maths. I am lucky to be teaching in a phenomenal department that has helped me grow to be the best teacher I can be. I left school with no formal maths qualifications and only studied maths later on in life. Finding maths changed my life. If you can find something you love it will change your life too . . . that’s why I teach.

Andile Maseko’s photo

Andile Maseko

Secondary Maths

I am currently a secondary school mathematics teacher. I have been a teacher for 4 years. My favourite thing about teaching mathematics is seeing students who previously struggled with the subject start to enjoy it and look forward to more lessons. Mathematics is a really important part of everyday life and it’s important that everyone in society is able to work effectively with numbers.

Robert Millar’s photo

Robert Millar

Secondary Maths

Hi, I’m Robert and I’m a maths teacher and form tutor in a school that is part of a multi-academy trust in Central London. I graduated with First Class Honours in Economics from the LSE in 2013. Before teaching, I spent 3 years working at strategy consultants OC&C before deciding to follow my passion to teach. In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, cooking as well as travelling. I’m thrilled to be part of Oak to deliver exciting maths lessons to students around the country.

Amie Mitchell’s photo

Amie Mitchell

Primary Maths

I am currently a Year 2 teacher and EYFS and Key Stage One Maths lead. I love interacting with the children and seeing the positive impact that school can have on a child’s life.

Miss. Molnar’s photo

Miss. Molnar

EYFS & Primary Maths

Hello friends, I’m Miss Molnar! I am currently a Maths Specialist teacher at a primary school in Woolwich. I have been teaching for eight years now and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! I love working with children and I am passionate about maths. I support teaching and learning in maths across my partnership as well as locally as a Mastery Specialist. The most rewarding experience I’ve had so far in my career was having the opportunity to visit Shanghai to observe Mastery teaching in action!

José Nieto’s photo

José Nieto

Primary Maths

I was born in Ecuador and have lived in London since I was 3. I am currently the Year 3 teacher and Phonics lead in my school that I have worked in for 5 years. I love creating fun and memorable lessons for my class with songs and dances. My favourite part of my job is watching the children grow not just academically but become good people. Every day is full of different stories. I love my job.

Miss O Oreyomi’s photo

Miss O Oreyomi

Secondary Maths

I am currently a secondary school maths teacher in London. Although, I haven’t been teaching for a long time, I enjoy thinking about different ways to create lessons and bring it to life. My greatest satisfaction in the classes is when students understand a concept and are able to explain it to others too!

Miss Parnham’s photo

Miss Parnham

Secondary Maths

I have taught maths to 11-16 year old students in South and West Yorkshire for 20 years. The best part of my job is sharing my passion for my subject and helping young people to enjoy mathematics and all that it has to offer.

Hannah Parsons’s photo

Hannah Parsons

Primary Maths

I recently joined my academy’s central team, taking on the role of Network Lead for Primary Mathematics. After embarking on the Teach First programme at a school in West London in 2014, my passion for teaching mathematics took me to a large South London academy, where I taught years five and six, and led mathematics and English across the academy.

Miss Robson’s photo

Miss Robson

Primary Maths

Hello! I am an Australian teacher, currently working at a school in Slough. I love establishing a positive classroom ethos, creating engaging environments that support children to learn through play and having a laugh with my class! Getting to know their little personalities and seeing them shine is the best part of the job!

Dr Rim Saada’s photo

Dr Rim Saada

Secondary Maths

Hello! My name is Rim Saada. I have been teaching Maths in secondary school settings since 2015. I currently lead maths at a south London school. I enjoy being in front of my class, sharing my enthusiasm and passion for maths with the next generation of students. I love teaching for mastery to give my students the best chance to understand and master mathematical concepts. When I am not teaching maths I love to cook, travel and experience different cultures.

Miss Sabzvari ’s photo

Miss Sabzvari

Primary Maths

I am currently a year 2 teacher working in a school in north west London. I have been teaching for three years. During this time, I have taught both year 2 and year 4. I have enjoyed teaching across the curriculum and have recently begun to shadow the maths lead in my school as part of my professional development which has involved leading on a CPD for staff. As my career progresses, I continue to take on board various approaches to teaching and learning which feeds my hunger to develop my practice and in turn share what outstanding practice looks like.

Natalie Sew’s photo

Natalie Sew

Primary Maths

I am a Teaching and Learning Lead working in London. I am extremely lucky to have taught brilliant children across the school and I am currently having lots of fun teaching in Year 2 and Year 6. I love trying new things and I think my special talent is ’having a go!’ at anything. For this reason, I love experimenting with new technology in the classroom and lead on Science and Computing at my school. Alongside teaching, I volunteer as a Governor of a local school and love talking to children about what makes learning fun.

Amandeep Sidhu’s photo

Amandeep Sidhu

EYFS & Primary Maths

Hi, I’m Miss Sidhu! I have been teaching for six years and have experience in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2. I began my teaching career in Birmingham and then made a big leap to London and became the Primary Maths Lead at my school. I enjoy making maths fun for all my learners. One of the reasons I love teaching is seeing that ‘light-bulb moment’ occur in a child I’ve just taught. I love creating art, travelling, and keeping fit through dance and yoga. 

Conor Thomas’s photo

Conor Thomas

Secondary Maths

Hi, I’m Mr. Thomas, a secondary maths teacher working in London. I am incredibly passionate (perhaps overly so!) about maths and teaching in general. My favourite part of my job is seeing how pupils flourish over time, particularly when they have ’lightbulb moments’. The ’aha!’ moment is brilliant, especially when it is a fiendishly difficult problem and it seemed unsolvable at first! In my spare time, I love playing tennis and the way angles work in action on the tennis court is exhilarating!

Rhiannon Thomas’s photo

Rhiannon Thomas

Primary Maths

I am currently a Year 6 teacher and Humanities Lead in an all through school in London. Since graduating from teacher training in Manchester, I have worked in KS2. My favourite part of teaching is getting to know every child individually and seeing them learn and progress through the lessons we design. 

Mr Ward’s photo

Mr Ward

Primary Maths

Hello Everyone! I’m an experienced Primary school teacher and school mathematics subject leader situated in Surrey. I absolutely love teaching in primary school education and seeing the lightbulb moments that children experience. Mathematics just gains the edge over history in terms of my favourite subject to teach. During maths lessons, I encourage the use of concrete resources and pictorial models are a thing of absolute beauty! Away from the classroom, I am an avid lover of both cricket and hiking. Getting out in the great outdoors is almost as exhilarating as switching on the visualiser and drawing bar models!

Andrew Whitehead’s photo

Andrew Whitehead

Primary Maths

Living in London, I am an Associate Assistant Head working to improve the quality of teaching across four primaries, and streamline the year 6/7 transition in mathematics at one secondary school, in Surrey. As a trained Mastery Specialist Teacher and accredited Professional Development Lead, I also work with the London South West Maths Hub using effective models of professional development to facilitate improving teaching and learning in mathematics across their region. In all aspects of my work, I strive to achieve a judgement-free working culture within which teachers are enabled to be brave risk takers.