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Meet our 17 RSHE (PSHE) teachers

David Bailey’s photo

David Bailey

Primary RSHE (PSHE)

Prior to becoming a teacher I was a police officer for 20 years. As a rugby coach I loved seeing the children in my team develop and progress and this became the motivation I needed to make a career change and become a teacher. For the last three years I have taught in Year 6 and I love it! What inspires me is seeing the children soak up all of the new information that I teach them- I love the questions that they ask! It really is a privilege to be part of their educational journey. 

James Clarke’s photo

James Clarke

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

Hello! My name is Mr Clarke and I’m currently a Secondary School teacher of Drama and Head of PSHE at Whitefield School in North London. Teaching from year 7, all the way up to year 13. My favourite part of my job is having discussions and debates in lessons, where our views are challenged and we learn more about the world around us. Always be open to learning more and questioning what you see!

Mr Duffy’s photo

Mr Duffy

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

I qualified as a PE teacher in 2009 from Liverpool John Moores University. I joined the PE department at Wellacre Academy as a fresh faced NQT in the same year. Now in my 12th year at Wellacre I am now the Progress Lead for Year 11 and Head of Careers. My faviourate part of my job is helping to guide students to achieve their full potential. I am also passionate about careers education and over the last 3 years have enjoyed developing our careers programme.

Natalie Ford’s photo

Natalie Ford

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

I am a teacher of RSHE and a Subject Leader for Religious Education. I am based on the sunny North West coast. I am passionate about good quality RSHE and RE as they are both subjects that support the development of the whole child. Wherever you look around, there is a stimulus for a good RSHE or RE lesson. You can take the skills learnt these subjects with you throughout whole life.

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Sam Harris

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

I am currently a teacher of Geography and Sociology at my school with responsibility for PSHE and Careers. I work with children between the ages of 11-16. My role involves preparing and coordinating the deliver of our PSHE programme in line with the RSE Statutory Guidance and ensuring all pupils have access to a comprehensive Careers education. One of the best parts of my job is the breadth and depth of conversations we have during our PSHE lessons, you can really go off on a tangent and make it meaningful and relevant for the children.

Fauzia ’s photo



I am an experienced EYFS teacher with over six years of teaching experience. I love my job as an early years teacher learning, exploring, discovering different things daily and shaping young minds. Setting the foundations plays an important and gratifying role and being a part of creating enriched environments is the best part.

Michelle O’Neill’s photo

Michelle O’Neill

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

I am a secondary school teacher specialising in History, RE, RSHE (PSHE) and Citizenship. I currently lead on all of these areas in school under the title of Director of Humanities and SMSC. I also sit on the Extended Leadership Team and co-ordinate our Co-Curricular programme. I am passionate about helping equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to be empathetic and considerate members of society, with an understanding of the world they live in. I also enjoy helping put together our annual school musical!

Kulsum Patel’s photo

Kulsum Patel

Primary RSHE (PSHE)

After completing my degree in English Language and Literature, I wanted to pursue my passion for the subject through teaching. When I’m not in class with my year 6 children, you’ll find me with my head in a book, or exploring new places!

Victoria Plummer’s photo

Victoria Plummer

Primary RSHE (PSHE)

I am a Year 1 teacher at a school in Blackburn, Lancashire. The best part of my job is seeing how the children grow from dependent, tiny EYFS caterpillars into flourishing, thriving independent Year 1 butterflies.

Miss Riaz ’s photo

Miss Riaz


My specialism is EYFS and I have led the EYFS team in my school, my day job consists of leading the whole school, overseeing the curriculum, teaching and learning and staff development. I thoroughly enjoy working with this age range and I am passionate in delivering lessons to them that are creative and exciting. My favourite part of my job is developing newly qualified teachers to grow and develop their practice and of course being around the children! It’s amazing to watch them take off with their learning!

Jo Shaw’s photo

Jo Shaw

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

I am a Secondary Middle Leader who holds the Teaching and Learning Responsibility for PSHE within my school setting, and am also the Mental Health First Aid Lead Practitioner, a Specialist Leader of Education and an integral part of the commissioning school’s role in the ’Future in Mind’ initiative for Warrington. I achieved my Master of Arts in Education (focusing on meeting the Programme of Study requirements for PSHE) in 2017. I am passionate about promoting positive mental health and reducing the stigma attached to Mental Health illnesses, and have worked with colleagues in a variety of school settings and external support agencies to improve the in-school support available to young people across Warrington. My desire is for all young people to be educated in the skills and knowledge required to thrive in life, and supported in their learning in order to succeed as healthy, well-rounded citizens. Good quality PSHE is the vehicle for achieving this goal.

Suhail Sidat’s photo

Suhail Sidat

Primary RSHE (PSHE)

I am currently a Director of Learning at my current school where I teach a Year 3 class, manage the year group as well as lead the Writing curriculum across the whole school. I have previously worked in Year 5 too which was a valuable experience and one which I thoroughly enjoyed! My favourite part about teaching is seeing the children develop whether that be academically or personally and seeing them grow into their own individual personalities!

Hannah Smith’s photo

Hannah Smith

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

I am a Secondary school PSHE and History teacher. My favourite part of teaching is that I get to learn new things every day and share that with incredible young people.

Laura Wade’s photo

Laura Wade

Primary RSHE (PSHE)

I am a year 2 teacher and Geography and History Lead. I have worked in year 2 for the past 5 years. I love teaching and showing my children not just how to learn but how to be silly and have some fun at the same time! In my spare time I love going to the gym and spending time with my family and friends.

Sabiha Waka’s photo

Sabiha Waka


I have been a teacher for over 10 years now, in varying year groups, but this is my first year in EYFS and I love it! I love to watch the children learn through play experiences and their inquisitive nature is amazing!

Hayley Walsh’s photo

Hayley Walsh

Primary RSHE (PSHE)

I am an Assistant Principal in a large primary school.  I have a wealth of experience working in the independent and mainstream sector.  I used to teach secondary aged pupils but converted to Primary after leading the opening of a through school.  My favourite part of my job is being a role model and watching the smile on children’s faces when a concept clicks.

Adam Whitehead’s photo

Adam Whitehead

Secondary RSHE (PSHE)

I am currently a PE educator for a secondary all boys school in Greater Manchester, where I have worked for 2 years. Also as part of my role as assistant head of house, I pastorally within a team take care of a cohort of 170. Within this role, I have rapidly learnt how crucial RSHE is to a child’s development and how it can drive their ability to live a healthier and happier life.