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Meet our 23 Science teachers

Matthew Benyohai’s photo

Matthew Benyohai

Secondary Science, Physics

I have a Masters degree in Chemistry and Molecular Physics and although I love all sciences I particularly enjoy teaching physics. I am currently Head of Physics at a school in Surrey. Outside of the classroom I enjoy running, cooking and a good board game.

Sally Charlton’s photo

Sally Charlton

Secondary Chemistry, Biology, Science, Physics

I’m a secondary school Science teacher and form tutor. I’ve been a teacher for 2 years, working with students aged 11-15 years old. The part of my job I enjoy the most has to be practical lessons. Most of my spare time is spent walking my dog, reading crime novels and watching space/animal documentaries.

Claire Couves’s photo

Claire Couves

Secondary Science

I am currently a head of science for a school in London. I love science, particularly chemistry and am passionate about ensuring pupils leave school with the scientific knowledge to understand the world around them. When not at school I enjoy walking and going on long bike rides.

Sophie Dale’s photo

Sophie Dale

Secondary Science

I’m a science teacher from Corby with two cats - luckily they didn’t make an appearance in my lessons! My degree is in biology but I really enjoy teaching all 3 science subjects from year 7 - 11.

Sophie Emms’s photo

Sophie Emms

Primary Science, History, English

I’m Miss Emms and I’m the Primary Phonics Lead at a school in London. I teach English, Science and History in Year 2 and I also teach Reading across Primary. I love reading and can think of no better way to spend a weekend than sitting outside and enjoying a good book. I’m really excited to start learning with you. I also love singing, especially in our singing assemblies at school. I’m a lover of all things outdoors and am always eager to explore new places.

Miss Fenner’s photo

Miss Fenner

Secondary Science

After completing my Masters in Biotechnology at Imperial College London, I worked as a Biotechnologist before deciding I wanted to train as a teacher and couldn’t be happier with my decision. I love teaching, particularly Chemistry, and have been working at a school in Oxfordshire since. In my spare time I love to explore the countryside, bake and play netball. 

Alanah Harris’s photo

Alanah Harris

Primary Art & Design, Science, Geography, Religious Education, History

Miss Harris is no ordinary teacher - I am secretly a chameleon and can change into anything I want to be. I can be a wizard in Maths, an explorer in Geography or even better, a super hero in PE. After studying Physical and Sport Education at St Mary’s University in London, I became a teacher to share my love for learning. I teach all lessons in Primary to some wonderful children at a school in London. In my spare time, I am a dedicated runner and can often be seen running around royal London parks like Bushy Park. I am fond of going to the gym, reading and yoga.

Molly Hindle’s photo

Molly Hindle

Secondary Science

Hi Everyone, I’m Miss Hindle and I live in the best city in the country... Manchester! I teach all three sciences and also maths. The reason I love science so much is because of all the fun and exciting practicals we get to do! An interesting fact about me is that I am a black belt in Taekwondo!

Miss Lewis’s photo

Miss Lewis

Secondary Biology, Science

I am a secondary science teacher living and working in London but have previously worked as a care assistant in a nursing home and on hospital wards. After I graduated from Newcastle university with a degree in Biomedical Sciences at I began my teaching career, with roles in KS3 Science and managing the Duke of Edinburgh award. I love showing students all the great opportunities that a career in science can lead to! Outside of school, I enjoy running, both playing and watching football (mostly at Brentford’s stadium) and traveling. My recent trips have taken me to Morocco, Malaysia and Ireland.

Ben Littlewood’s photo

Ben Littlewood

Secondary Science, Physics

I am currently the Director of Science for United Learning, where I advise and support the science departments across the Trust. I have taught all three sciences to KS4 and Biology, Physics and even...badly...Psychology at KS5 (but not as badly as the year 7 maths lessons that I taught in my first job).

Laura Mason’s photo

Laura Mason

Secondary Science

I am currently a secondary school Science teacher and the Head of Year 8. I teach Biology, Chemistry and Physics up to GCSE level but my specialism is Biology. My favourite part of the job is being able to put into practise my constantly improving Chemistry and Physics knowledge which I was always terrified of teaching in the past! I also enjoy interacting with students and trying to make learning fun to them.

Matt McKee’s photo

Matt McKee

Secondary Science

I am currently Head of Science and work on whole school Teaching and Learning projects as that is where I can exercise my love of science and love of learning. I still find it brilliant when a pupil or a colleague says ’oh - I get it, so that means...’. or ’I wonder if it would work if I just...’ This explains why I have been really honoured and found it fascinating to be just a small part of this project. To find an escape I have my family, who love my pizzas and my brownies; and I love skateboards, paddle-boards, mountain bikes and being outdoors, ideally with some carefully assessed and safely considered risk, (mostly), that I might want to share with them. Failing that I am quite happy being beaten at basketball by my children who are pretty much taller than me.

Dee Dee Roberts’s photo

Dee Dee Roberts

Primary Science

After studying Music at the Royal Northern College of Music and working as a violinist, I completed the Teach First programme in West London. I am now Head of Phase 2 at my Academy, as well as teaching A-level Music and leading on Mental Health across Primary.

Kirsty Simkin’s photo

Kirsty Simkin

Primary Science

I’m currently the Primary Science Lead and a year 5 teacher at a school in London. I studied biology at Oxford university but I enjoy all types of science. I particularly love animals and exploring, especially underwater. When I was younger I wanted to be a mermaid but apparently that’s not a real job so I became a marine biologist and then a science teacher who scuba dives in her spare time instead!

Katie Strmec’s photo

Katie Strmec

Secondary Biology, Science

Hi! I am a secondary science teacher with a specialism in biology. I am Canadian but have lived in the UK for 5 years. My favourite part of my job is being able to share my passion for science with children and inspire them to seek further opportunities within STEM programs!

Rafaela Tapia Hummel’s photo

Rafaela Tapia Hummel

Primary Science

I am currently a Primary teacher in a school in Feltham, London. I have had the pleasure of teaching Primary for five years after having graduated from Royal Holloway with a Psychology degree. Recently I have also had the pleasure of teaching A Level Psychology! I won ’’most likely to become a teacher’’ when I was in Year 1 which most likely means I was very bossy back then. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling and reading. I love that you can learn a lot through experiences but also through the fantasy worlds you might have read about. I look forward to teaching you Science!

Catherine Todd’s photo

Catherine Todd

Secondary Science

Hi, I’m Miss Todd a science teacher from Carlisle. I teach students from year 7 -11, I teach all three sciences however biology is my favourite. I gained my degree in biology in 2018 from the University of Cumbria. I have loved being a part of the Oak Academy I hope you all enjoy the lessons as much as I enjoyed making them.

Mrs Walsh’s photo

Mrs Walsh

Secondary Science

I have been teaching science to 11-16 year olds for over 7 years and I teach all three disciplines, but chemistry is my favourite! What I love about my subject is that is that science is EVERYWHERE - I enjoy viewing the world through a scientific eye and knowing how stuff works. I also love working with young people and I really enjoy creating those ’’light bulb’’ moments. I measure success in my job, not by grades, but by how many times my heart smiles. To me, that’s what makes teaching worthwhile.

Nadine Wolstenholme’s photo

Nadine Wolstenholme

Secondary Science

I am a Science teacher in London but I grew up in Lebanon. My favourite science is Physics which is what I studied at university. I love watching sport, especially football and support Liverpool. I enjoy being a teacher because I work with fantastic colleagues and students, and I get talk about my favourite subject all day

Rachel White’s photo

Rachel White

Secondary Science

I am a Secondary Science teacher at a school in Salford where I teach mainly Biology and Physics to students aged 11-16. I love my job as I get to see young people develop their understanding of the subject but also see them grow into young adults. To know I am sparking an interest in Science in young people is a gift.

Charlotte Whittick’s photo

Charlotte Whittick

Secondary Science

I have been teaching science for 6 years in a school in Bournemouth. I mostly teach KS4 combined science, and really enjoy being able to show students that everyone can be a scientist. I am also a Guide leader, and love playing netball!

Beth Wickham’s photo

Beth Wickham

Secondary Science

I am a recently qualified science teacher in a school in the south coast, with a passion for all things psychology. My favourite part of my role is building a rapport with the students and seeing confidence grow within their science knowledge.

Emily Willett’s photo

Emily Willett

Secondary Science

I currently work as a Lead Practitioner for Science at my school, and am entering my third year as KS3 lead. Simply put - I love my job! I’ve really welcomed this opportunity to teach such a far ranging group of students!