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Lesson 1

Inside Victorian London

Lesson 2

Insight into Dickens' life

Lesson 3

Meeting Scrooge

Lesson 4

Scrooge, charity & poverty

Lesson 5

Scrooge and London

Lesson 6

Marley's Ghost

Lesson 7

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Lesson 8

Scrooge in the past (Part 1)

Lesson 9

Scrooge in the past (Part 2)

Lesson 10

The Ghost of Christmas Present

Lesson 11

Scrooge in the present

Lesson 12

Family and friendship

Lesson 13

Scrooge and The Children

Lesson 14

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Lesson 15

The vices of Victorian society

Lesson 16

The redemption of Scrooge

Lesson 17

Scrooge: A changed man

Lesson 18

Scrooge: A new life

Lesson 19

Scrooge and You

Lesson 20

Scrooge: The messenger of Dickens