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Unit Quiz

Test your knowledge across this topic to understand the areas you may need to work on.

Lesson 1

Class, Capitalism and Socialism: 1912-1946

Lesson 2

Priestley's background

Lesson 3

Staging the Play: Set design and stage directions

Lesson 4

Character introductions

Lesson 5

Mr Birling's perspective

Lesson 6

Introduction of the Inspector

Lesson 7

Mr Birling's interrogation

Lesson 8

Sheila's interrogation

Lesson 9

Sheila reflects and changes

Lesson 10

Mrs Birling and her children

Lesson 11

Gerald's interrogation

Lesson 12

Mrs Birling's interrogation

Lesson 13

Mrs Birling blames the father

Lesson 14

Eric's interrogation

Lesson 15

The Inspector's final speech

Lesson 16

The family look to blame

Lesson 17

The generational divide

Lesson 18

The Inspector's identity

Lesson 19

Hope for change and the younger generation

Lesson 20

Collective social responsibility and class