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Unit Quiz

Test your knowledge across this topic to understand the areas you may need to work on.

Lesson 1

Atoms, elements and compounds

Lesson 2

Chemical formulae and conservation of mass

Lesson 3

Mixtures, filtration and crystallisation

Lesson 4

Separation by distillation

Lesson 5

Separation by chromatography

Lesson 6

Atomic structure

Lesson 7

Development of the atomic model

Lesson 8


Lesson 9

Isotopes case study lesson

Lesson 10

Electron Configuration and the Periodic Table

Lesson 11

Periodic Table development

Lesson 12

Why elements react

Lesson 13

Group 1

Lesson 14

Group 7

Lesson 15

Group 7 Displacement

Lesson 16

Comparing the reactivities of Group 1 and 7 elements

Lesson 17

Displacement reactions: Ionic equations

Lesson 18

Review (Part 1)

Lesson 19

Review (Part 2)