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Unit Quiz

Test your knowledge across this topic to understand the areas you may need to work on.

Lesson 1

Energy transfers

Lesson 2

The kinetic energy store

Lesson 3

The gravitational potential store

Lesson 4

Conservation of energy

Lesson 5

The elastic potential store

Lesson 6


Lesson 7

Efficiency and reducing unwanted energy transfers

Lesson 8

Specific heat capacity

Lesson 9

Specific heat capacity required practical

Lesson 10

Insulating material required practical (Part 1)

Lesson 11

Insulating material required practical (Part 2)

Lesson 12

Non-Renewable energy resources

Lesson 13

Renewable energy resources

Lesson 14

Multi-Step calculations for the energy topic

Lesson 15

Energy review

Lesson 16

Case study: Esther Takeuchi