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Unit Quiz

Test your knowledge across this topic to understand the areas you may need to work on.

Lesson 1

Forces: an introduction

Lesson 2

Weight, mass and gravity

Lesson 3

Resultant forces

Lesson 4

Forces and work

Lesson 5

Forces and elasticity (Part 1)

Lesson 6

Forces and elasticity (Part 2)

Lesson 7


Lesson 8

Distance: Time graphs

Lesson 9


Lesson 10

Velocity: Time Graphs

Lesson 11

Terminal velocity

Lesson 12

Newton's Laws

Lesson 13

Acceleration Required Practical (Part 1)

Lesson 14

Acceleration Required Practical (Part 2)

Lesson 15

Stopping distance

Lesson 16

Combined science review

Lesson 17

Case Study: Sir Isaac Newton