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Unit Quiz

Why does it matter what we call the 1857 conflict in India?

This quiz will help you to assess your learning of key concepts and knowledge in this unit.

Due to the overlap in knowledge and themes, the following 'British Imperialism' Unit Quiz assesses knowledge from the following enquiries: 1) Why does it matter what we call the 1857 conflict in India? 2) What did British colonialism look like in the nineteenth century? 3) How do we uncover the lived experience of those ruled by empire in Africa? The Unit Quizzes for all of these enquiries are the same quiz on the British Imperialism.
Q1.What company was originally created to organise trade between Britain and Mughal India?


Q2.What was the name of the Indian-born soldiers who served in the East India Company's army?


Q3.Which word best describes "an event when soldiers refuse to obey the orders of their officers"?


Q4.Which of the following was a cause of the 1857 conflict?


Q5.Which of the following was a method used by the British to regain control?


Q6.Which organisation lost its right to rule India after 1858?


Q7.What word is used to describe something who is proud of their nation and wants their nation to form an independent country?


Q8.What religion was followed by the majority of Irish people?


Q9.What was the title given to the top governor of India, appointed by the queen?


Q10.For many years, Australia was a penal colony for Britain. This meant that many of the very first settlers were ...


Q11.By the end of the nineteenth century, many Aboriginal people were forced to live in and not allowed to leave ...


Q12.Congolese (DMRC) people lived under the rule of which European empire?


Q13.Where in Africa did the Zulu peoples live?


Q14.What term describes a European who went to live in Africa with the aim of converting Africans to Christianity?


Q15.In which century did the "Scramble for Africa" begin?


Q16.Which British colonialist was responsible for the colonisation of Zimbabwe and South Africa?