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Unit Quiz

Multiplication and division

This quiz will help you to assess your learning of key concepts and knowledge in this unit.

Q1.1 is not a prime number because...


Q2.Can you find the mystery number? It is less than 50, 6 and 12 are both factors of it and it is a multiple of 9.


Q3.Lucy created four different alternating factor and multiple chains. Her partner, Yasin, has spotted a mistake in one of her chains - can you tell which one?


Q4.Which of the facts can I derive from the representation below?


Q5.Which derived fact helps me to mentally solve 240 ÷ 5?


Q6.Which estimation is correct for the calculation 192 ÷ 8?


Q7.Using your knowledge of inverse, which of the following numbers is not a factor of 248?


Q8.45 is a factor of 360 because.....


Q9.Which statement below is false about the calculation 2536 ÷ 4 = 634


Q10.In the image below, you can see the first 3 squared numbers. What would the 6th squared number be in the sequence?