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Lesson 1

Exploring 2-digit numbers by grouping in tens

Lesson 2

Identifying tens and ones in a 2-digit number

Lesson 3

Partitioning 2-digit numbers (Part 1)

Lesson 4

Partitioning 2-digit numbers (Part 2)

Lesson 5

Exploring the components of numbers within 100

Lesson 6

Representing 2-digit numbers (Part 1)

Lesson 7

Representing 2-digit numbers (Part 2)

Lesson 8

Comparing numbers within 100 on a number line

Lesson 9

Comparing 2-digit numbers

Lesson 10

Ordering numbers within 100

Lesson 11

Practising finding one more and one fewer and ten more and ten fewer

Lesson 12

Identifying number patterns

Lesson 13

Exploring odd and even numbers (Part 1)

Lesson 14

Exploring odd and even numbers (Part 2)

Lesson 15

Revisiting numbers within 100