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Unit Quiz

Quadratic expressions (9.9)

This quiz will help you to assess your learning of key concepts and knowledge in this unit.

Q1.Match the expression equivalent to (x+4)(x-4).


Q2.Which of these tables displaying coordinates of graphs is non-linear?


Q3.Complete the tables below and plot the graphs. Select a co-ordinate the graphs have in common.


Q4.A square is cut out of the rectangle. What is the maximum area?


Q5.Antoni says this is not a quadratic as it does not go through the x axis. Do you agree?


Q6.Cala says (x+2)(x+4) is the same as (x+4)(2+x). Is she correct?


Q7.Expand and simplify (x+2)(x+5)


Q8.Factorise x² + 11x + 24.


Q9.Cala says that you cannot factorise x² -9x + 8 because there does not exist a pair of factors for 8 that add to give a negative number. Is she correct?


Q10.Select the words that best fill in the gaps in order: The __________ is where the curve crosses the y axis, when _______.


Q11.Which graph could be a sketch of -x² + 3x - 2? Hint Try out some coordinates to check!


Q12.I pick two consecutive integers. I square the bigger one and then subtract 4 of the smaller one. Zaki writes a different algebraic expression to me but is still correct. Which one could he have written?