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Lesson 1

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: The Prologue

Lesson 2

Feuding Families

Lesson 3

Introducing Romeo

Lesson 4

Courtly love

Lesson 5

Introducing Juliet

Lesson 6

The lovers meet

Lesson 7

The balcony scene (Part 1)

Lesson 8

The balcony scene (Part 2)

Lesson 9

The Wedding Scene

Lesson 10

A Plague O' Both your Houses'

Lesson 11

Juliet's Soliloquy

Lesson 12


Lesson 13

The morning after the wedding Night

Lesson 14

Lord Capulet and the Patriarchy

Lesson 15

The Friar's plan

Lesson 16

Juliet's 'Death'

Lesson 17

I Defy Thee, Stars!

Lesson 18

The Lovers' Tragic End

Lesson 19

The Reconciliation

Lesson 20

Love and conflict