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Lesson 1

Practise counting in twos

Lesson 2

Introduction to the terms factor and product

Lesson 3

Embedding the language of factor & product, making connections between different representations

Lesson 4

Explore 0 x 2

Lesson 5

Record the two times table in a ratio table

Lesson 6

Practise counting in twos (2)

Lesson 7

Finding missing factors and products, using knowledge of the two times table

Lesson 8

The two times table: Looking for patterns and relationships

Lesson 9

How to find an unknown using a known fact

Lesson 10

Varied Practice Applying Knowledge of the Two Times Table

Lesson 11

Writing the two times table in two ways

Lesson 12

Practise saying the two times table with 2 as the first factor and as the second factor

Lesson 13

Equations with expressions on either side with the group size of 2