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Unit Quiz

Test your knowledge across this topic to understand the areas you may need to work on.

Lesson 1

What was the vision of the new Germany?

Lesson 2

Why had Germany worked with communists in 1917?

Lesson 3

How democratic was the Weimar Constitution?

Lesson 4

Why did the German people feel stabbed in the back?

Lesson 5

Why was there a rise in political extremism in Germany after the First World War?

Lesson 6

Why was 1923 known as a year of crisis?

Lesson 7

How did Germany recover its economy in the years 1924-29?

Lesson 8

How did Germany improve their international relations, 1924-29?

Lesson 9

Were the 1920s a golden age for all Germans?

Lesson 10

How far had the Weimar Republic recovered by 1929?

Lesson 11

Why was the year 1929 a significant turning point for Germany?

Lesson 12

The early development of the Nazi Party: what did Hitler believe in?

Lesson 13

Who were the SA and what was their role?

Lesson 14

What was the Munich Putsch?

Lesson 15

What were the consequences of the Munich Putsch?

Lesson 16

What were the Nazi Party strategies during the lean years?

Lesson 17

Why were the Nazi Party so successful after 1929?

Lesson 18

How did political developments in 1932 result in Hitler becoming Chancellor in January 1933?

Lesson 19

Why was Hitler 'invited' into power?

Lesson 20

How did the Nazis remove political opposition?

Lesson 21

How did Hitler consolidate power by 1934?

Lesson 22

How far did the Nazi party create a police state?

Lesson 23

How far did the Nazi party control the state through propaganda?

Lesson 24

How much resistance existed in Nazi Germany before 1939?

Lesson 25

What were Nazi attitudes and policies towards women?

Lesson 26

How successful were Nazi policies towards women?

Lesson 27

Why were young people so important to the Nazi Party?

Lesson 28

Why was controlling education so important to the Nazi party?

Lesson 29

How successful were Nazi policies at reducing unemployment?

Lesson 30

How far did the lives of German workers improve after 1933?

Lesson 31

How did the Nazi party view and portray minorities in society?

Lesson 32

How did the persecution of the Jews escalate after 1933?