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Unit Quiz

Addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers (regrouping and adjusting)

This quiz will help you to assess your learning of key concepts and knowledge in this unit.

Q1.What is the nearest multiple of ten to 49?


Q2.Use the "round and adjust" strategy to solve the following equation: 42+39=?


Q3.In the following equation, how can you partition the 4 in order to use the "Make 10" strategy? 61-4=57


Q4.Sally orders 64 bricks but only 41 get delivered. How many bricks are missing?


Q5.Solve the following word problem: There were 51 builders on site. 32 were building houses and the rest were driving diggers. How many builders were driving diggers?


Q6.What is the inverse of the following equation? 52-25=27


Q7.Solve the following by using a whole part model and the "Make 10" strategy. 32-15=?


Q8.Solve the following equation by partitioning 1 number: 26+15=


Q9.Solve the following equation using the round and adjust strategy: 74-29=?