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Happy Summer holiday!

Want to keep learning over Summer? Keep track of your progress with the helpful Oak Acorn Chart. Complete the activities to grow from a sprout all the way to a super oak.

Download the Oak Acorn Chart


Specialist Lessons

For mainstream lessons from reception to year 10, please follow the subject or schedule buttons. More information on each of these is provided below. For pupils with additional needs, please select specialist to follow our specialist curriculum.

Take part in our Oak Activity Clubs

We offer a range of activity clubs run by our brilliant partners, with activities like cook-alongs, arts and debating clubs.

Join us for assembly this Thursday

Each week we’ll host an assembly in partnership with TES, available from 11am Thursday. These are opportunities for us all to come together, hear from some inspirational guest speakers, and to think and talk about wider things affecting us.

Join us for Faith at home this Friday

Join our weekly collective worship sessions, led by Church of England’s schools and in partnership with those of other faith traditions. Suitable for those of all faiths and none.


If you’re a teacher, before you start, please take a look at our suggestions on how to make the most of this resource.

Parents & Pupils

Please talk to your teacher in your school about how best to use these resources and read our information for parents and pupils.

Our Curriculum

To see the full plan of what we’re teaching over the coming weeks, see our plan.

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