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Unit Quiz

Integers & Decimals

This quiz will help you to assess your learning of key concepts and knowledge in this unit.

Q1.There are 2271 satellites currently in space. What is this number rounded to the nearest 10?


Q2.The moon Ganymede takes 172 hours to orbit Jupiter. What is this number rounded to the nearest 100?


Q3.When rounded to the nearest 10, it takes Mars approximately 690 days to orbit the Sun. What is the greatest number of days it can take?


Q4.I add 3.62, then subtract 9.4. I then add 12.45. My answer is 16.17. What was my number?


Q5.Solve this addition: 52,805 + 9695 =?


Q6.What is the value of the digit 4 in 5 672 543


Q7.Round the number 8,478,365 to the nearest 100,000


Q8.Sally buys three items. She pays more than £35 but less than £40. What could she have bought?
Price list


Q9.7 460 400 is one hundred thousand larger than 7 450 400


Q10.Work out 6,084,926 - 1,795,319