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Lesson 1

Sorting a collection of objects based on one attribute

Lesson 2

Sorting a collection of objects in different ways

Lesson 3

Sorting concrete objects to form sets

Lesson 4

Sorting pictures to form a set

Lesson 5

Sorting shapes based on name or colour

Lesson 6

Matching pairs of identical objects

Lesson 7

Matching pairs of related objects

Lesson 8

Matching objects in to equal sets

Lesson 9

Matching objects in to unequal sets

Lesson 10

Comparing sets without counting

Lesson 11

Comparing similar objects by size

Lesson 12

Comparing similar objects that are equal in size

Lesson 13

Ordering objects according to size

Lesson 14

Ordering sets without counting

Lesson 15

A lesson to consolidate classifying, matching, comparing and ordering skills