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Lesson 1

Representing equivalent fractions

Lesson 2

Equivalent fractions in context

Lesson 3

The relationship between the numerator and the denominator

Lesson 4

Using a scale factor

Lesson 5

Vertical and horizontal relationships

Lesson 6

Non-unit fractions

Lesson 7

Numerators and denominators in non-unit fractions

Lesson 8

Missing numbers

Lesson 9

Further practice with equivalent fractions

Lesson 10

Factors and multiples

Lesson 11

Simplifying fractions

Lesson 12

Simplifying fractions using highest common factor

Lesson 13

Finding the Highest Common Factor to Simplify

Lesson 14

Checking whether a fraction is in its simplest form

Lesson 15

Why do we simplify fractions?

Lesson 16

Simplifying improper fractions

Lesson 17

Another method for simplifying improper fractions

Lesson 18

Simplifying after multiplying

Lesson 19

Further practice and application

Lesson 20

Unit Summary