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Lesson 1

Identifying shapes by the number of vertices and sides

Lesson 2

Identifying right angles in shapes

Lesson 3

Recognising lines of symmetry within 2-D shapes

Lesson 4

Describing and sorting 2D shapes

Lesson 5

Naming and describing 3D shapes

Lesson 6

Identifying 2-D shapes on the surfaces of 3D shapes

Lesson 7

Describing and creating shape patterns

Lesson 8

Comparing and sorting 2D shapes

Lesson 9

Describing the position of an object

Lesson 10

Giving directions from point A to point B

Lesson 11

Using the language of rotation

Lesson 12

Making predictions about rotation

Lesson 13

Identifying how patterns have been created through rotation

Lesson 14

Following a route around a map

Lesson 15

Consolidating and reviewing faces, shapes and patterns; lines and turns