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Lesson 1

Approaches to reading unseen fiction texts

Lesson 2

Character types and function

Lesson 3

Analysing language: Selecting evidence

Lesson 4

Analysing language: Analytical writing

Lesson 5

Examining structural choices

Lesson 6

Unseen Fiction Texts: Pre-1900

Lesson 7

Mary/Eve Dichotomy

Lesson 8

Thinking about space: Where do women belong?

Lesson 9

Responding to evaluation questions

Lesson 10

Evaluation: Writing it up

Lesson 11

Reading skills: Unseen fiction - Cold Mountain

Lesson 12

Journeys in literature: Cold Mountain

Lesson 13

Descriptive detail: Close analysis

Lesson 14

Descriptive writing: Planning techniques

Lesson 15

Descriptive writing: Slow write

Lesson 16

Reading skills: Samphire

Lesson 17

Reading skills: Samphire (Part 2)

Lesson 18

Narrative writing: What makes a good opening?

Lesson 19

Narrative writing: Creating movement in our writing

Lesson 20

Narrative writing: Effective endings

Lesson 21

Reading skills: Pre-1900 unseen fiction - Heart of Darkness

Lesson 22

Writing skills: Responding to a setting stimulus image

Lesson 23

Writing skills: Responding to a person stimulus image

Lesson 24

Writing skills: Using symbolism

Lesson 25

Writing skills: A writing process