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Lesson 1

The Victorian era

Lesson 2

Introduction to Charlotte Brontë

Lesson 3

The Novel's Setting

Lesson 4

The Novel's Protagonist

Lesson 5

Introducing the Reeds

Lesson 6

The argument

Lesson 7

The Red Room

Lesson 8

Meeting Mr Brocklehurst

Lesson 9

Arriving at Lowood School

Lesson 10

Jane meets Helen Burns

Lesson 11

Jane is punished by Mr Brocklehurst

Lesson 12

Helen Burns becomes sick

Lesson 13

Jane decides to leave Lowood School

Lesson 14

Jane arrives at Thornfield

Lesson 15

Jane meets a mysterious stranger

Lesson 16

The mysterious Mr Rochester

Lesson 17


Lesson 18

Jane's rival

Lesson 19

A stabbing in the night

Lesson 20

Rochester proposes

Lesson 21

A terrifying visit in the night

Lesson 22

Rochester's secret is revealed

Lesson 23

Jane decides

Lesson 24

The End