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Lesson 1

Unequal and equal groups

Lesson 2

Practise working with equal and unequal groups

Lesson 3

Redistributing from unequal to equal groups

Lesson 4

Consider the nature of 'equal groups' in more detail

Lesson 5

Practice using the sentence: 'There are _____ groups of ____'

Lesson 6

The use of a repeated addition expression to represent equal groups

Lesson 7

See a Repeated Expression First and then Make Groups to Match

Lesson 8

Think More Deeply- does the Representation Match the Expression?

Lesson 9

Introduction to the multiplication symbol

Lesson 10

Matching Repeated Addition Expressions to Multiplication Expressions

Lesson 11

Matching Multiplication Expressions to Images and Contexts

Lesson 12

Further reasoning about multiplication expressions

Lesson 13

Multiplication contexts involving zero and one