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Meet our 2 Drama teachers

Adam Milford’s photo

Adam Milford

EYFS & Secondary & Primary Drama

I am a professional actor with a background in theatre and education spanning more than 25 years. Since 2006 I have been a leading drama practitioner specialising in performance practice, collaborating with major West End productions and working with schools from around the world to maximise their theatre experience and to enhance their creative curriculum. I work extensively with children and young people to champion the benefits of drama, helping to build their confidence, inspire creativity and nurture talent.

Tom Shackleton’s photo

Tom Shackleton

Primary Drama

I am currently a year 6 teacher for a fantastic junior school in Norwich. I am the English Lead at our school and believe that reading is THE MOST important thing to learn and enjoy at school. I have supported other schools as a Specialist Leader of Education for our Trust and love helping children to learn. One of my favourite subjects to teach is drama and I have supported many children to perform their own versions of Shakespearean plays!