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Meet our 9 Physics teachers

Matthew Benyohai’s photo

Matthew Benyohai

Secondary Science, Physics

I have a Masters degree in Chemistry and Molecular Physics and although I love all sciences I particularly enjoy teaching physics. I am currently Head of Physics at a school in Surrey. Outside of the classroom I enjoy running, cooking and a good board game.

Sally Charlton’s photo

Sally Charlton

Secondary Chemistry, Biology, Science, Physics

I’m a secondary school Science teacher and form tutor. I’ve been a teacher for 2 years, working with students aged 11-15 years old. The part of my job I enjoy the most has to be practical lessons. Most of my spare time is spent walking my dog, reading crime novels and watching space/animal documentaries.

Katie Evans’s photo

Katie Evans

Secondary Physics

I love science and became a teacher after studying Natural Sciences at university. I am a Head of Department at an inner city school in Manchester. I find teaching incredibly rewarding and have an unwavering passion to help grow my students’ curiosity of the ever-changing world around them. Outside of school, I enjoy singing in a worship band, walks in the sunshine and making pretty scrapbooks. 

Dr Liam Fishwick’s photo

Dr Liam Fishwick

Secondary Physics

I have a PhD in surface Physics from the University of Warwick. I have been teaching science for eight years and am currently Head of Science at a school in Northampton. Highlights of my career so far have included taking students to NASA and CERN and successfully applying to become a lead educator for the National Space Academy. I am a keen cyclist, guitar and chess player. I am proud to have been asked to take part in this project and I look forward to helping schools and students at this difficult time.

Rory Humphries’s photo

Rory Humphries

Secondary Biology, Physics

I am a secondary school biology teacher and a self-confessed science nerd! I studied biomedical science at Durham University and it is my goal to make my students love science as much as I do. I have made it my mission to ensure disadvantaged students have the same quality of education and support as their peers, with the ultimate aim of encouraging more children from poor socioeconomic backgrounds into STEM careers.

Ben Littlewood’s photo

Ben Littlewood

Secondary Science, Physics

I am currently the Director of Science for United Learning, where I advise and support the science departments across the Trust. I have taught all three sciences to KS4 and Biology, Physics and even...badly...Psychology at KS5 (but not as badly as the year 7 maths lessons that I taught in my first job).

Andy Saville’s photo

Andy Saville

Secondary Combined Science, Physics

I am currently the Head of Science at Sheffield Springs Academy, working with students aged 11-16. My favourite part of my job is the interactions with students, and helping to inspire and motivate them to succeed in both science, and across the school.

Edgar van Hoek’s photo

Edgar van Hoek

Secondary Physics

I am the Head of Science at a great secondary school in West Sussex. I have always enjoyed Physics and was fascinated by motors, generators, magnets and electricity at school so it has been fantastic to make these lessons for the Oak National Academy. I try to make Physics easy (because everyone says it is hard) with clear explanations and great diagrams - I hope it works for you! I really enjoy those moments in the classroom when a student finally says ’’I’ve got it’’ and begins to enjoy my subject at least half as much as I do! When I’m not teaching Physics I like to get outdoors into the South Downs cycling or bird watching with my family.

Miss Walrond’s photo

Miss Walrond

Secondary Physics

Hi! I am Miss Walrond and I am Head of Physics and Head of Science at a school in Surrey. I studied Astrophysics at university and before becoming a teacher I worked as an engineer. I have been teaching for eight years now and love it! When I am not teaching you will usually find me dancing, playing with my dog or taking him out for long country walks.