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Meet our 14 Religious Education teachers

Victoria Cooper’s photo

Victoria Cooper

Secondary Religious Education

I am Head of the Humanities faculty and Subject Pedagogy Lead for Religious studies, (which means that I train student teachers in RE) at a school in the West Midlands. I have been teaching for nearly 12 years now and I’m still so in love with what I do. I became a teacher of RE because my world views changed when I studied Religion and Philosophy at A level.  By learning other people’s world views at a deeper level I was able to understand different perspectives, and crucially,  how certain beliefs lead to certain actions. Since then it has been my mission as an RE teacher to challenge perceptions and preconceived  ideas about religion.  I am committed to the Socratic school of thought that ‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel’. In my spare time I like to read about just about anything although I consider a good whodunnit a guilty pleasure. I also love cooking and trying out new recipes and spending time with my two beautiful children.

Jenny Day’s photo

Jenny Day

Secondary Religious Education

I am currently Head of RE at a secondary school in London and have been teaching RE for 5 years in London schools. After studying Theology and History at Durham University I decided to become a teacher as I love interacting with other people and the pace of teaching. I enjoy teaching RE because it challenges students to think about their worldviews and engage with big questions, considering claims from world religions. Outside of teaching I enjoy playing hockey and running.

Chris Green’s photo

Chris Green

Secondary Religious Education

I’ve enjoyed being an R.S and Philosophy teacher for 10 years at a school in Tunbridge Wells. I graduated from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2009 with a degree in Philosophy. Outside of teaching I enjoy cooking, running, playing the piano and trying to keep up with politics.

Alanah Harris’s photo

Alanah Harris

Primary Art & Design, Science, Geography, Religious Education, History

Miss Harris is no ordinary teacher - I am secretly a chameleon and can change into anything I want to be. I can be a wizard in Maths, an explorer in Geography or even better, a super hero in PE. After studying Physical and Sport Education at St Mary’s University in London, I became a teacher to share my love for learning. I teach all lessons in Primary to some wonderful children at a school in London. In my spare time, I am a dedicated runner and can often be seen running around royal London parks like Bushy Park. I am fond of going to the gym, reading and yoga.

Katie Harrison’s photo

Katie Harrison

Primary Geography, Spanish, Religious Education

I trained as a Primary Teacher 5 years ago and have had the pleasure of teaching children from Reception all the way up to Year 6! I love speaking languages, so I helped to design the Spanish curriculum in my school. I am now working as Deputy SENDCo in my school, working with Secondary children across a range of subject. My favourite thing about teaching is sharing the joy of a subject I love, and seeing pupils progress and feel more confident with it.

Jon Hutchinson’s photo

Jon Hutchinson

Primary Geography, Religious Education, History

Hi! I’m currently an assistant headteacher at an all through school in London. I spend most of my time in our primary school, but also teach Religious Studies at A Level. I’ve been lucky enough to be a class teacher of most year groups in primary, and find having conversations with children much more interesting than having conversations with adults.

Miss Kendrick’s photo

Miss Kendrick

Secondary Religious Education

I’ve been teaching RE for five years, having trained at Kings College London. I love teaching it as we can see all the different ways of understanding the world, and ask the most important questions about life, why we’re here, and what we should be doing with ourselves. I’ve been working at my school since training. Aside from RE, I also enjoy cake decorating, painting animals and reading sci fi.

Mr Latif’s photo

Mr Latif

Secondary Religious Education

Hello students and teachers across the country! My name is Mr Latif and I am a teacher of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics, also known as R.E. in many schools. I am hugely passionate about R.E. and love teaching about the different diverse ways individuals and communities view the world, and what it is that they believe. I really enjoy discussions in my classes and seeing all my students progress and build confidence in their reasoning, evaluation and ability to communicate well. R.E. is the best subject in the world and it is like no other!

Rabbi Eryn London’s photo

Rabbi Eryn London

Secondary Religious Education

Hi, I’m Rabbi London. I am an orthodox rabbi with rabbinic ordination from Yeshivat Maharat. I have taught Jewish education in communities around the globe. I am also a multifaith chaplain, working with people of all and no faiths who are in hospitals or hospices.  I love learning from other people the ways that religion and spirituality help them find meaning and understanding in the world.  I can also be  found reading, baking, or sometimes dancing.

Jaymie Pauvaday’s photo

Jaymie Pauvaday

Secondary Religious Education

I teach Philosophy, my first love! I have a particular interest in Eastern philosophy and have studied this and Education at Masters level. I am extremely fortunate to have worked and lived in various countries. Seeing for myself, philosophy and faith in practice has furthered my interest in people. Philosophy for me is really at the heart of what it means to be human. The questions that people ask themselves everyday and how they choose to live their lives is just fascinating. I feel honoured and extremely privileged to share and explore these questions with students everyday in the classroom. 

Juan Pedroza’s photo

Juan Pedroza

Primary Geography, Religious Education, History

I am currently Head of Phase 1 in a school in London. I mainly teach Year 2 but I have taught all across KS1 (including Reception!) as well as KS2 humanities. My favourite part of my job is the daily interactions with my students, playing a part in their personal and academic development. I love working closely with families in order to better support my pupils. My favourite subject to teach history as I believe that we can all learn important lessons from the past. I also enjoy teaching geography, a subject I studied at university.

Francesca Reid’s photo

Francesca Reid

Primary Geography, Religious Education

My name is Miss Reid and I am an Assistant Headteacher. I love travelling all over the world, meeting new people and learning about other cultures. I used to live in Argentina, where I taught children how to speak English. This was where I realised how much fun working with children is, so when I returned to England, I trained to become a teacher. In my spare time I love doing yoga and being outdoors.

Ellie Speakman’s photo

Ellie Speakman

Secondary Religious Education

I have been teaching RE since 2016 after completing my degree at Heythrop College. I strongly believe religious education is vital for our understanding of each other and the world around us, and have a particular interest in teaching Islam. Outside of teaching, you can usually find me in Walt Disney World, playing Animal Crossing, or hanging out with my two cats.

Mr Spence’s photo

Mr Spence

Secondary Religious Education

Hello, I’m Mr Spence and I’ve been teaching learners from Year 7 to 13 since 2012, specialising in Business, Philosophy, Religion, Ethics and Theology, which I absolutely love because of the BIG questions these subjects explore. I’m Tringlish (Trinidadian by birth and English by naturalisation) and I’ve lived in London since the age of 7. At present, I serve as Head of Year 12 and a Teacher of RE. I’m a proud alumnus of the University of Edinburgh where I attained my MTh in Biblical Studies. Beyond work, I love song writing, music, manga, gaming, Netflix and I’m a bit of a Duolingo nerd.