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Meet our 36 History teachers

Kerry Apps’s photo

Kerry Apps

Secondary History

My name is Ms Apps. I grew up in south London and have taught secondary school children in the area since 2014. Before 2014 I worked as a TA at a south London school and as a guide for the National Trust at Ham House. History has been a fascination of mine for as long as I can remember and I love getting to share my knowledge with my students. I can be found most weekends either reading the latest history book or in a museum or historic house. I particularly love the Tudor and Stuart periods and have done ever since my mum made the mistake of taking me to Hampton Court at the age of seven. If I could go back in time I would like to meet Elizabeth I, Anne Boleyn, Pocahontas and the Irish activist and revolutionary Constance Markievicz.

Ben Arscott’s photo

Ben Arscott

Secondary History

I am Ben Arscott and I teach history in Norfolk and lead on history curriculum-design across an academy trust. I am originally from Bristol but then went to secondary schools in France and Belgium where I weirdly ended up with two history GCSEs. Since moving back to the UK I’ve taught in Sheffield, East London, Norwich and now Cromer. I recently got a Labrador puppy so if you hear any strange noises during history lessons, it is probably Basil trying to get my attention.

Radha Badhan’s photo

Radha Badhan

Secondary & Primary History

I am currently Head of Humanities and my specialism is in History. Since being in education I have worked with Year 1 all the way through to Year 13 and have had the privilege to teach all year groups. My favourite part of being a teacher is making every student feel the past come alive, helping them to imagine the years and generations of people that lived before us. I believe this allows us to really understand and appreciate the world in which we live in today.

Tom Barber’s photo

Tom Barber

Secondary & Primary Geography, History

I am currently a history teacher working with pupils in years 7 - 13. Before working in education I spent seven years working with the NHS and since then have taught pupils history and geography between the ages of 10 - 18. My favourite part of my job is being able to speak about so many interesting topics and making learning a joyful experience for pupils.

Victoria Barnett’s photo

Victoria Barnett


I am currently Head of History at a secondary school in Norwich teaching Year 7 through to Year 13. I love my subject and its breadth, so being able to teach across a variety of Key Stages is great as I get to constantly be examining different eras of History rather than focusing on one part and missing out on the rest!

Alexander Benger’s photo

Alexander Benger

Secondary History

Hello, I’m Alex Benger and I teach History. When I’m not thinking about history curriculum design, you’ll probably find me watching football or cooking my famous triple-cooked chips.

Tom Charles’s photo

Tom Charles

Secondary History

I am a history teacher from Norwich that teaches everyone between 11 and 18. I love history because it helps us piece together why things are the way they are today. No other subject helps us understand the world as much as history. In my spare time, I play football and am a big supporter of Norwich City!

Harry Cooper’s photo

Harry Cooper

Secondary History

I am a history teacher at a secondary school in central London. I spent my twenties working in politics and journalism, having been studied history at Oxford University and politics at the London School of Economics. My passion is for medieval history, in particular the period after the decline of the Western Roman Empire.

Hannah Cusworth’s photo

Hannah Cusworth

Secondary History

I am Head of History at a secondary school in south east London. I love researching and teaching unfamiliar histories.

Colette Dashwood’s photo

Colette Dashwood

Secondary History

I am a history teacher at a high school in Norwich. Since becoming a teacher ten years ago I have had the pleasure of teaching both history and English and I love both subjects equally! My favourite part of my job is seeing the progress that students can make over time and seeing them develop enthusiasm for their own learning.

Ms Dawson’s photo

Ms Dawson

Secondary History

After completing my teacher training in Kent, I moved back to London where I now work as a History teacher at an academy in East London. History is my favourite subject, but I’m also a lover of reading and have spent time teaching English - I think the two subjects work really well together. The best thing about my job is that every day and every student is different; since becoming a teacher, I’ve never been bored at work.

Sophie Emms’s photo

Sophie Emms

Primary Science, History, English

I’m Miss Emms and I’m the Primary Phonics Lead at a school in London. I teach English, Science and History in Year 2 and I also teach Reading across Primary. I love reading and can think of no better way to spend a weekend than sitting outside and enjoying a good book. I’m really excited to start learning with you. I also love singing, especially in our singing assemblies at school. I’m a lover of all things outdoors and am always eager to explore new places.

Corinne Goullée’s photo

Corinne Goullée

Secondary History

I’m Mrs Goullée and I’m currently the Head of History at a school in Cambridgeshire. I loved studying History at university and have been teaching it ever since- it turns out I enjoy teaching History even more than studying it! When I’m not teaching I enjoy reading, walking and eating out.

Rebecca Goult’s photo

Rebecca Goult

Secondary History

I am a History teacher in east London and am passionate about providing a diverse and well-rounded History curriculum for all students. For three years I was Head of Year 7; this has supported my belief that high expectations, intriguing lessons and the fostering of positive relationships with young people and families are some of the key components to providing a fruitful and engaging educational experience to allow all students to access learning and to fulfil their potential.

Alanah Harris’s photo

Alanah Harris

Primary Art & Design, Science, Geography, Religious Education, History

Miss Harris is no ordinary teacher - I am secretly a chameleon and can change into anything I want to be. I can be a wizard in Maths, an explorer in Geography or even better, a super hero in PE. After studying Physical and Sport Education at St Mary’s University in London, I became a teacher to share my love for learning. I teach all lessons in Primary to some wonderful children at a school in London. In my spare time, I am a dedicated runner and can often be seen running around royal London parks like Bushy Park. I am fond of going to the gym, reading and yoga.

Nicholas Hewitt’s photo

Nicholas Hewitt

Secondary History

My passion is history and sharing the stories of human endeavour or interest with young people. To see a young person’s imagination piqued is immensely rewarding and teaching is an occupation I would recommend to anyone who craves the sincerity of challenge. I am currently the Director of Teaching and Learning in a Cambridgeshire and Norfolk based Trust.

Miss Hillman’s photo

Miss Hillman

Secondary History

Hello, I am Miss Hillman (or History Hillman to my colleagues) and I currently teach in London. I first became really interested in history when I studied Hitler and could not believe how such an evil person managed to gain so much power! Since then I have enjoyed teaching students about the past and developing their critical voice as we debate different events. This makes teaching history so fascinating as each class will often give new perspectives on past events that I have never thought of. I hope you enjoy reaching your own conclusions as you complete our history lessons.

Miss Holland’s photo

Miss Holland

Secondary History

I am currently working as a History teacher at a school in Kettering, but you might hear my northern accent come through occasionally. I completed my degree in History and English at Loughborough University and just wanted to carry on learning. I absolutely love my subject and there’s always new and interesting things I’m finding out even as a teacher. You can normally find me travelling to as many places as possible (especially Italy) and, probably quite stereotypically, finding as many castles and ruins as I can to discover.

Jon Hutchinson’s photo

Jon Hutchinson

Primary Geography, Religious Education, History

Hi! I’m currently an assistant headteacher at an all through school in London. I spend most of my time in our primary school, but also teach Religious Studies at A Level. I’ve been lucky enough to be a class teacher of most year groups in primary, and find having conversations with children much more interesting than having conversations with adults.

Mr Jones’s photo

Mr Jones

Secondary History

I currently work as a History Advisor for a large trust of schools. As an advisor I visit many History teachers and classrooms to improve the teaching and learning. Prior to this role, I was a Head of History in a number of schools and have been teaching History since 2008. I feel fortunate to teach a subject that has such an engaging narrative. History provides an understanding about historical characters, it shows us their motivations and highlights similarities to current events. Engaging students in the stories of the past and helping students to understand the richness of History is why I have enjoyed teaching so much. In my spare time I enjoy reading, running, visiting interesting places, watching lots of cricket and following Newcastle United!

Phil Madeley’s photo

Phil Madeley

Secondary History

I am currently living in Norfolk but originate from Walsall. I have been a teacher for around 10 years and currently work as a Head of Department.

Rosie Masson’s photo

Rosie Masson

Secondary History

Hi I’m Ms Masson and I teach History at a secondary school in South-East London. After studying for a degree in History at Exeter University, I decided to become a teacher to share my passion for History with all of my students. In my spare time you can find me reading, listening to music, or strolling around a museum.

Mr Mastin’s photo

Mr Mastin

Secondary History

I have been a history teacher and trained history teachers for twenty years.

Ms McCartney’s photo

Ms McCartney

Secondary History

Hello! I am a history teacher that works with other history teachers. So, you may just see my face pop up once, but I have the fantastic role of working alongside your AMAZING and dedicated Oak KS4 history teachers. Otherwise, my 3 year old is teaching me all about dinosaurs and time periods that I don’t usually study, and my 18 month old makes me laugh, a lot, as he explores the world around him.

Darryl McNally’s photo

Darryl McNally

Secondary History

I am currently the Head of History at my school and teach students from the age of 11-18. My favourite part of the job is teaching young people about really interesting periods of history. Being able to teach people about fascinating periods which has helped shape modern Britain and the wider world is something I am passionate about. I also enjoy helping young people get the grades they need to succeed in the next phase of their life.

Charlotte Newton’s photo

Charlotte Newton

Secondary History

I am currently Head of History at a school in SE London; having been Head of 6th Form, I wanted to focus on curriculum, teaching and learning. I spent 10 years doing admin and events jobs in London after graduating before training to be a teacher, which is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I love seeing how new groups of students react to history I know so well, when it is new to them. In my spare time, I love reading and spoiling my niece and nephews.

Sophie Noke ’s photo

Sophie Noke

Secondary History

I have worked as the Head of History in a London school for the last year and taught History for six years. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my passion for History with students from KS3 - KS5. History is one of the most important subjects for giving students context to their lives and their place in the world. I have really enjoyed this project with Oak National Academy and can’t wait to look at all the amazing work of other teachers across the country with the same passion for their subjects!

Jacob Olivey’s photo

Jacob Olivey

Secondary History

I am currently a History Teacher a College in Cambridgeshire, teaching 11 - 16 year olds. In my spare time, I really enjoy reading books and listening to podcasts about unusual periods of history; I am particularly interested in cultural history and the history of ideas in nineteenth-century Europe. My favourite part of my job is getting to share stories about the past with young people, and being able to introduce them to new ways of looking at history.

Juan Pedroza’s photo

Juan Pedroza

Primary Geography, Religious Education, History

I am currently Head of Phase 1 in a school in London. I mainly teach Year 2 but I have taught all across KS1 (including Reception!) as well as KS2 humanities. My favourite part of my job is the daily interactions with my students, playing a part in their personal and academic development. I love working closely with families in order to better support my pupils. My favourite subject to teach history as I believe that we can all learn important lessons from the past. I also enjoy teaching geography, a subject I studied at university.

Miss Porter’s photo

Miss Porter

Secondary History

Hello, my name is Miss Porter and I am currently a history teacher and Deputy Head of Sixth Form at a school in Norfolk. I became a teacher after completing a History degree and a masters in Modern European History at the University of East Anglia. Outside of teaching I enjoy walking, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Mr Prudden’s photo

Mr Prudden

Secondary History

Hi! I’m Mr Prudden and I’m currently a Head of History at a school in Kettering. I graduated with a degree in History and History of Art at the University of Northampton in 2007, and I have been teaching history at my school since 2010. I’ve known that I wanted to be a History teacher since I was in Year 5. My History teacher enthused me with tales from the past and inspired me to find out more. Such is the power of teaching and that is why I love teaching history from year 7-13 so much! When I’m not teaching, I can be found reading, walking, listening to music or planning my next history trip.

Laura Quick’s photo

Laura Quick

Secondary History

I am Laura Quick and I am Head of History at a secondary school in North London. I love teaching history because it is full of so many hidden stories that are just waiting to be told! Everyday I learn something new and absolutely love sharing this learning with my brilliant students. In my spare time, I love reading, running and cycling and exploring new cities and places.

Jonny Sellin’s photo

Jonny Sellin

Secondary History

I teach history in a village school in the East of England, and enjoy nothing more than telling a good story from the past. One of my goals as a teacher is to help young people gain a greater insight into medieval history; an interest that probably stems from childhood years visiting museums and delighting in the dressing-up box.

Miss Shanks ’s photo

Miss Shanks

Secondary History

I’m Miss Shanks and I am currently the Head of History at a school in Manchester. I love learning and teaching history because there is always something new to discover! When I’m not teaching you can find me starting one of the many books I am determined to read, watching a documentary, buying stationery or playing games on my Xbox.

Meghan Tipping’s photo

Meghan Tipping

Primary History

I am currently a Design Lead for Ark Curriculum Plus. Previously, I was a Primary Teacher for six years in Sheffield. I taught mainly in KS2 but spent a lot of time teaching and embedding Philosophy for Children (P4C) across all year groups. I studied History at university and became SAPERE Level 3 trained in P4C during my teaching career and have a real passion for teaching both subjects.

Matt Wallace’s photo

Matt Wallace

Secondary History

I’m Mr Wallace and I am currently the Head of History at a school in Suffolk, a job which I love because it means I spend my time around the funniest people in the world: teenagers. When I’m not working, I spend my time watching sport, planning trips abroad, buying (but not necessarily reading) books, and watching even more sport.