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Meet our 25 Spanish teachers

Miss Allinson’s photo

Miss Allinson

Secondary Spanish

After graduating from the University of Birmingham with a BA in Hispanic Studies and Music, I worked as a tour manager and a translator before completing my PGCE. I have worked in schools in London but now teach both secondary and primary aged pupils in Cambridgeshire. The best part of learning languages is developing a deeper understanding of other cultures and being able to eavesdrop without people realising! I love seeing my pupils grow in confidence and realise how many opportunities speaking a foreign language brings you.

Alex Brooman-White’s photo

Alex Brooman-White

Secondary Spanish

I am a Spanish and French teacher at a secondary school in Hertfordshire. I’m from London and I learnt Spanish in Colombia and Argentina. My favourite part of my job is seeing my students saying sentences with great pronunciation that I know they will use when they go travelling.

Imogen Brown’s photo

Imogen Brown

Secondary Spanish

I am Head of Spanish in a school in West Berkshire working with secondary students across key stages 3, 4 and 5. I really enjoy what I do and think there is nothing more rewarding than watching a student grow in confidence and skill. Outside of my teaching responsibilities I run the school Polo club and referee lacrosse matches. During the holidays I can usually be found soaking up the sun in Spain on a beach somewhere, meeting friends and enjoying tapas, all in the name of improving my Spanish cultural understanding and language!

Joanna Cairns’s photo

Joanna Cairns

Secondary Spanish, French

I am currently Head of the MFL Department of secondary school in Preston with over 15 years experience teaching French and Spanish. Prior to becoming a teacher I worked for a large international pubic relations and advertising agency in London and worked all over the world on marketing campaigns for DuPont Lycra, L’Oreal and Cathay Pacific. I love to travel with my family and explore new places and cultures.

Jennifer Correa’s photo

Jennifer Correa

Secondary Spanish

I am a Spanish native speaker and a secondary school teacher in the Cambridge area. My aim is to help develop and improve pupils’ Spanish skills, as well as interest in the culture, as I am passionate about my roots. I studied English at the University of Salamanca in Spain and hold a Master’s degree in Education. I came to the UK in order to help students master a foreign language, be able to communicate confidently and achieve their best, all in a fun way. The end goal being students boosting their expertise by putting their knowledge into practice in real life.

Paco Fernández’s photo

Paco Fernández

Secondary Spanish

I am a passionate Spanish and French secondary teacher about to start my 8th year in education. I have always had an interest in learning about other countries and cultures around the world and I try to instil the belief in all students that learning a language is the best way to develop an open-minded attitude and a willingness to understand and accept others, no matter their nationality, race or religion. When I am not teaching, you can find me playing my guitar, eating out or scouting for flights to new and exciting destinations. 

Joe Fincham’s photo

Joe Fincham

Secondary Spanish, French

I have been a language teacher for ten years and thoroughly enjoy every day in the classroom with our students. I am currently working as the Curriculum Team Leader for MFL. We teach French, Spanish, Arabic and Latin. In 2018, we acquired MFL Lead HUB School status and I began working as a Lead Teacher on the MFL HUB scheme. This is something I have found to be immensely rewarding and exciting. Outside of these two roles I also work as a Specialist Leader for Education for MFL. As an SLE I provide CPD training for MFL teachers in the a Teaching School Alliance and neighbouring schools. Further teacher training and development roles I have undertaken include delivering CPD training workshops for MFL teachers of Arabic for the British Council and speaking at the ACFL Convention in Washington DC on behalf of the British Council and QFI on the diverging pedagogical approaches to MFL teaching currently in place in the UK and the USA.

Emma Fletcher’s photo

Emma Fletcher

Secondary Spanish

I am a teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (French, German and Spanish) in a large comprehensive and a Specialist Teacher working to support 4 local hub schools using research based evidence to improve MFL curriculum design and pedagogy. I enjoy helping students to become independent language learners and discover the excitement of communicating in another language for themselves.

María García’s photo

María García

Secondary Spanish

I currently work for a school in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. I teach languages, mainly Spanish, from year 7 to year 13. It is fantastic to see the progress and development of students across the different stages.

Thomas Geary’s photo

Thomas Geary

Secondary German, Spanish, French

Empowering change through language education.

Katie Harrison’s photo

Katie Harrison

Primary Geography, Spanish, Religious Education

I trained as a Primary Teacher 5 years ago and have had the pleasure of teaching children from Reception all the way up to Year 6! I love speaking languages, so I helped to design the Spanish curriculum in my school. I am now working as Deputy SENDCo in my school, working with Secondary children across a range of subject. My favourite thing about teaching is sharing the joy of a subject I love, and seeing pupils progress and feel more confident with it.

Mrs Hobson’s photo

Mrs Hobson

Secondary Spanish

I am a secondary MFL teacher and the two main languages that I teach are Spanish and French. I have had experience of teaching languages to the full range of students from Year 7 to A Level. Languages were my favourite subject at school and I love being able to share my passion for languages with others.

Claire Jones’s photo

Claire Jones

Secondary Spanish

¡Hola and bonjour! I’m Ms Jones and have been teaching Spanish and French for 11 years. I’ve worked with pupils from primary to A-level, and many of my favourite moments have been being able to share the ’real’ Spain and France with pupils, whether through food, music, images or trips - once it gets in your heart it will never let you go!

Kamran Malhi’s photo

Kamran Malhi

Secondary Spanish

I am currently a Spanish teacher working for a comprehensive school which is the lead school of a large MAT in Birmingham. Since starting at my school three years ago, I have taught Spanish up to A Level and French up to KS3. I have also had the opportunity to lead whole school CPD on a range of reading and literacy strategies to ensure pupils become more proficient readers. My favourite part of my job is interacting with children and seeing their progress in MFL learning as they immerse themselves in a new language and culture.

Señora Nutt’s photo

Señora Nutt

EYFS & Primary Spanish

¡Hola! I’m Señora Nutt. I’ve been teaching Early Years and Primary aged children, both in Spain and in England, for the past twenty years. I lived in Valencia, Spain for twelve of those years, which is where I learned to speak Spanish and developed a love of Spanish culture. For me, the best part of teaching Spanish is enabling children to discover a wider world and explore new cultures through learning the language. In my spare time, I enjoy running, reading and cooking and I try to get back to sunny Valencia in the holidays as much as possible. ¡Hasta pronto!

Señora Redman’s photo

Señora Redman

Secondary German, Spanish

¡Hola! I am the Curriculum Leader for Spanish at a Secondary school in Buckinghamshire and I love teaching languages. I studied French and Spanish for my degree at Anglia Ruskin University - but that was a very long time ago! I have been very lucky to have been able to use my languages at work - I worked at The French Embassy in London for a while and then spent many years in the publishing industry before I decided to go into teaching! I hope you get to love languages as much a I do!

Blanca  Román’s photo

Blanca Román

Secondary Spanish

Hola. I am Señora Román. I teach Spanish to students from year 8 to year 13. I have known I wanted to be a teacher since I was very young. I love teaching and learning something new from my students and my colleagues.

Señora Russ’s photo

Señora Russ

Secondary German, Spanish, French

¡Hola! Hallo! Salut! I’m Mrs Russ and I’ve been teaching Languages to 11-18 year olds in Hertfordshire for the past 18 years. I love inspiring young people to learn and develop a passion for my subjects. After studying Spanish, French and German at Durham University, I used my languages in business before becoming a teacher and Head of Spanish. In my free time I enjoy art, foreign travel, exercising and baking with my children.

Aimée  Simpson’s photo

Aimée Simpson

Secondary Spanish, French

I am a French and Spanish teacher at a secondary school in Buckinghamshire. I was previously a Learning Support Assistant which guided me to begin my teaching career. I love the daily interactions with students and seeing their progression in languages. It is also a privilege to see their individual development.

Isabelle Simpson’s photo

Isabelle Simpson

Secondary Spanish, French

I have been teaching at my current school for 21 years- enjoying the different experiences working with mixed ability children and young adults. I particularly enjoy organising trips abroad and my favourite are the landing beaches and Barcelona. I get huge satisfaction seeing students enjoy speaking a different language and pursuing careers in languages.

Pam Stallard’s photo

Pam Stallard

Secondary Spanish

I am currently head of MFL and professional tutor at a school in Brighton. I teach French and Spanish to GCSE level, and also coordinate our international visitors and our work with LGBTQ students, including running our weekly LGBTQ club. My favourite part of my job is when the penny drops and someone learns something new. I also love hearing jokes and stories from all my students.

Ivana Stanley’s photo

Ivana Stanley

Secondary Spanish

I am currently a Spanish teacher in a school in Cambridgeshire. I studied French and Spanish at university and spent some time working for the BBC and a then for the Overseas Development Institute, before deciding that I really wanted to find a more rewarding profession. I have been teaching languages for 25 years and the best part of my job is leading school trips to Spain and seeing how much my pupils enjoy using their Spanish.

Paula Vázquez-Valero’s photo

Paula Vázquez-Valero

Secondary Spanish

¡Hola! I’m Señorita Vázquez, a Spanish teacher in a Secondary school in Cambridge where I teach from Y5 to Y13. I studied at the University of Valencia with a degree in English Language and Literature and then I moved to the UK to complete my teacher training.  I’ve always wanted to share the love of language learning and have a positive impact so I became a teacher. What I love about learning languages is how it helps you to understand the world and to challenge perceptions. My second passion is the use of technology in schools. I love training other teachers too and now I also work as a Specialist Leader in Education in Spanish and ICT for my trust. Outside of school, I enjoy running, cooking and crafting.

Charlotte Wallace’s photo

Charlotte Wallace

Secondary Spanish

Hola, I’m Señora Wallace, I am Faculty Leader for MFL in a small secondary school in the North West. I currently teach Spanish across KS3 and 4 and I am very much looking forward to introducing Spanish in our sixth-form this year so that more students can go on to explore the opportunities available when you have a second language. I really enjoy my job, particularly helping students to experience both language and culture as they develop their communication skills and confidence in Spanish.

Señorita Woodburn’s photo

Señorita Woodburn

Secondary Spanish

¡Hola! My name is Señorita Woodburn and I am a Spanish teacher based in the Midlands. I work with secondary and sixth form students aged between 11-18. I love teaching languages because it allows students to develop their problem solving skills, learn about a whole new culture and provides them with a useful skill to be able to communicate with people from different countries. In many ways, it broadens their horizons. Enjoy your lessons here at Oak! ¡Gracias!