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Meet our 62 English teachers

Alex Baldry’s photo

Alex Baldry

Secondary English

Having graduated from The University of York, I dipped my toe in the creative industries before the classroom beckoned. I am currently working as an English teacher in Norfolk.

Kate Barron’s photo

Kate Barron

Primary English

I am currently a senior educational trainer and I have taught in two inner-city London schools for over 10 years, teaching and leading across a range of key stages. During that time, I have led English and Oracy at both primary and middle school level. I am passionate about education that is creative, fun and inclusive, built on engaging language-rich experiences. My favourite part of my job is facilitating the magic that storytelling brings to the classroom, enriching the educational experiences of both teachers and young people.

Katie Bayley’s photo

Katie Bayley

Secondary English

I am KS3 Co-ordinator for Curriculum and Assessment and a passionate teacher of English at a secondary school in Sheffield. I also facilitate staff training on Anti-Racism Education. I have been teaching for 10 years and I could not imagine doing anything else! I am passionate about empowering students and ensuring the success of every child. I strongly believe in the power of words. My aim is to foster a love of language in the students that I teach, enabling them to see that language can be a powerful tool for self-expression and societal change. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy reading, attempting to play golf, dancing (not very well), running outdoors and writing about important issues.

Lee Benn’s photo

Lee Benn

Secondary English

I am an English teacher currently living in the magnificent city of Sheffield, though the place I call home is actually in the Lake District. I have a passion for reading (like all English teachers) and combine my love for literature with a keen interest in history. My favourite thing about teaching is the experience of sharing my favourite books with students who may be reading them for the first time, and listening to the fascinating insights which children bring to the subject.

Miss Bennett’s photo

Miss Bennett

Secondary English

I am a secondary English teacher and Head of English, teaching students aged 11-16 years old. I love teaching and getting to work with so many young people, opening doors and creating opportunities for later life as a result of success in the classroom.

Daniel Blackburn’s photo

Daniel Blackburn

Secondary English

I am Head of English at a school in Norfolk. I have always had a love of literature and really enjoy the varied viewpoints and interpretations which it can inspire.

Johanna Bourke’s photo

Johanna Bourke

Primary English

Hello! I am Ms Bourke and I am currently a teacher at a school in London. I have taught across EYFS, KS1 and KS2. My favourite part of teaching is getting to interact with so many wonderful children and when we can learn new things together. I am originally from Australia and enjoy singing, swimming and reading.

Elisabeth Bowling’s photo

Elisabeth Bowling

Secondary English

I have been a secondary school teacher for 6 years and I have taught English literature and language from KS3 to A-Level. I especially enjoy researching and teaching new texts and helping students gain confidence in their written and verbal communication.

Miss Brittain’s photo

Miss Brittain

Primary English

I’m Miss Brittain and I started my teaching journey five years ago; I’m lucky to work at a wonderful primary school in Salford where I have taught across a range of year groups in KS2. I just love sharing stories and reading new books!  When I’m not teaching, I like to go on walks or exercise, explore different countries and taste new food - I enjoy cooking and baking too!

Dan Brown’s photo

Dan Brown

Primary English Grammar, English

I am Assistant Head at a Primary school and I have taught in all year groups across KS1 and KS2. I deliver NQT and CPD courses in various areas and have been a School Mentor for many student teachers during my career.

Poppy Butt’s photo

Poppy Butt

Primary English

Hello everyone, I’m Miss Butt. I am currently a year 5 teacher at a school in Notting Hill in London, but I have also taught in years 2, 3 and 4. I have been teaching for 6 years now and - whatever year group I am teaching - I love every day of it!

Alex Byrne-Smith’s photo

Alex Byrne-Smith

Primary English

I’m Mr Byrne-Smith and I teach in a Primary School in London. I really enjoy my job because I get to interact with children of a variety of ages. I really like to read books and chat about them with others. I also enjoy playing all sorts of different sports!

Ms Cashin’s photo

Ms Cashin

Primary English

I currently teach Year 2 and lead Mathematics across our Primary School. I love being a teacher because children always have fantastic ideas, always make me laugh and can achieve incredible things. I am always learning new things when teaching and feel lucky that I get to meet interesting people from across our school community. I began my career as a Music Teacher and I still make sure I have lots of music making in my lessons. I have lived in London for the last 7 years and before that I lived in Birmingham. 

Cordelia Chu’s photo

Cordelia Chu

Primary English

I am currently an Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo with a passion for Inclusion. I have taught children from Nursery up to Year 6, but mostly enjoy working with children with special educational needs. My favourite and most rewarding part of my job is seeing all children make progress in their own ways and how this makes a positive impact on them as unique individuals. Outside of teaching, I love spending time with my family and friends, visiting new places and eating food from all over the world.

Mrs Crompton’s photo

Mrs Crompton

Secondary English

Even as a young child, I always said I wanted to be a teacher. So, I’m incredibly lucky to have been doing a job I love for over 20 years now. I’m Head of English at a school in Bradford now and have been here since I started teaching in 1997. Before becoming a teacher I studied English Literature at Cambridge University before returning home to Bradford and working for a while in the NHS as a medical secretary. When I’m not in my classroom I like to travel and read.... no surprise with that last one! I’m also an Assistant Principal Examiner so that keeps me quite busy in the summer months.

Niamh Doherty’s photo

Niamh Doherty

EYFS & Primary & Specialist English

I am currently Head of Inclusion and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator at a wonderful school in South London. I have a Masters of Education from the University of Cambridge where I researched the positive impact Storytelling can have on promoting greater economic, gender, racial and social equality in our curriculums. My favourite part of my job is making a difference to the lives of children, having a positive impact on my community and building relationships with families.

James Dyke’s photo

James Dyke

Secondary English

I am currently Head of English at an all-through school in Leeds. I have been a teacher for six years, previously working in North Yorkshire and even a stint training teachers in Nepal. I am a football obsessive and big runner.

Dena Eden’s photo

Dena Eden

Secondary English Grammar, English

After graduating from my degree in American Studies, I worked in Mexico and the USA for a few years before returning to the UK and starting my teaching journey. I am currently working as an English teacher in Norfolk and the best part of my job is being able to share my enthusiasm for the subject with students. I love reading, I like running, and I have a love/hate relationship with writing.

Sophie Emms’s photo

Sophie Emms

Primary Science, History, English

I’m Miss Emms and I’m the Primary Phonics Lead at a school in London. I teach English, Science and History in Year 2 and I also teach Reading across Primary. I love reading and can think of no better way to spend a weekend than sitting outside and enjoying a good book. I’m really excited to start learning with you. I also love singing, especially in our singing assemblies at school. I’m a lover of all things outdoors and am always eager to explore new places.

Thomas James’s photo

Thomas James

Secondary English

Hello! I am an English teacher and Assistant Principal in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. I love teaching English because I love telling stories, especially if they’re not true! When I am not teaching I like to watch sports, in particular boxing and football - I’m a huge Arsenal fan!

Miss Frost’s photo

Miss Frost

EYFS & Primary English

Hi everyone, I’m Miss Frost. I currently work as a Reception teacher in London. I absolutely love teaching and am passionate about sharing my love of learning. One of the best parts of teaching for me is making learning fun, exciting and hands on. My favourite subjects are Science, for which I am the leader at my school. I can’t wait to listen to lots of new stories with you all!

Lou Fryer’s photo

Lou Fryer

Primary English

One of ‘those’ teachers, the type that gets up at 4am on World Book Day to put the final touches on their totally extra outfit (and paint their face to match), as well as the type who decides it’s a good idea to create an original, site-specific musical for 670 children... Storytelling enthusiast and music lead - I’m always singing and goofing around! I was a theatrical costumer, in a previous life, and I’m getting back into making colourful, ridiculous things. I also work for an American games company, writing and editing adventures, bestiaries and character compendiums for fantasy role-playing games.

Madeleine Gardner’s photo

Madeleine Gardner

Primary English

My name is Miss Gardner and I teach Year 6 in a London Primary school! After studying English Literature at Leeds University, I became a teaching assistant where I realised how much I loved working in a school where I could help children to enjoy learning. In my free time, I love running, walking in the countryside and reading!

Lydia Gayle’s photo

Lydia Gayle

Secondary English

I am Head of English and I love supporting and inspiring those around me to read, write, think and imagine.

Ms N Gowing’s photo

Ms N Gowing

Secondary English

I am currently Curriculum Lead of English at my school. I have been teaching English for just over ten years. It is a job which I absolutely adore, and I cannot imagine doing anything else. I love helping children find enjoyment in English because it is such a fundamental and exciting subject. My favourite part of English is exploring and analysing texts. Despite my years of teaching, I never stop learning and discovering literature and language, and I doubt I ever will!

Mr Halpin’s photo

Mr Halpin

Secondary English

Hello, I am Mr. Halpin. I am currently teaching English at a school in Norfolk. I consider myself extremely lucky to have a career that I love. Outside the classroom, I enjoy reading (obviously), cooking new dishes and exploring nature with my three year old daughter.

Ellie Hardisty’s photo

Ellie Hardisty

Primary English

I am currently Assistant Head at a primary school, where I have been for over ten years. I oversee training for student teachers across lots of schools in West London. One of my main educational passions is the role of the arts and music in schools and how valuable they are for children’s wellbeing and academic progress. In my spare time, I enjoy cycle rides with my two young children.

Krisha Hendra’s photo

Krisha Hendra

Secondary English

I am currently an Assistant Principal and English teacher in a school in Swindon having previously been Head of English for 7 years. I started teaching in London in 2007 and very quickly fell in love with the job-getting to work with wonderful young people really does make it the best job in the world! A great part of my job is showing students the power of language and reading and how interesting English is to study. I am also an examiner, and a mum and if I ever have a spare moment-I am almost always found reading!

 Tor Henman’s photo

Tor Henman

Primary English

I am currently a year 6 teacher and Head of Reading and English as an Additional Language at my school. I have always been passionate about reading: I love how much you can learn from books and I always have at least one book or audiobook on the go! My favourite part of my job is when a child teaches me something or makes me consider a different perspective, but my second favourite part of my job is seeing a teacher help a child who is a reluctant reader find a book they are interested in - there is something wonderful about watching a child start to identify as a learner and reader.

Kat Howard’s photo

Kat Howard

Secondary English

I am a Senior Leader and English teacher in a school in Northamptonshire. When I’m not teaching, reading or writing, I like to spend my days exploring new places with my three sons, dinner with friends or cooking something fantastic to eat. I’m also pretty nifty on Mario Kart!

Jess Howley’s photo

Jess Howley

Primary English

I am a Deputy Head teacher and English subject lead from Primary School in Salford, Greater Manchester. I love working on storytelling and writing with children across school. I love seeing the children grow in confidence, find their voices and develop a love of language during the storytelling process. It is so much fun and so rewarding!

Umhera Jadoon’s photo

Umhera Jadoon

Primary English

I’m an Assistant Principal in a wonderful school in the northwest. Teaching and sharing your light is the best thing about this job and I love the feeling of developing curiosity in little minds and stretching them to new possibilities.

Miss Johnson’s photo

Miss Johnson

Primary English

I am currently a teacher at a school in London and I have taught for eight years. My favourite part of teaching is recommending new reading books to children and seeing them discover new authors. Reading is also my favourite subject to teach.

Philip Johnston’s photo

Philip Johnston

Secondary English

I am an Irishman who teaches English (which my pupils often joke about!) I am currently working in a secondary school. From September, I will be working as an English Standards Leader for an academy chain. I love watching pupils become immersed in the various stories that we read. It is a pleasure to introduce these young minds to the wonderful world of literature .

Ms King’s photo

Ms King

Secondary English

I teach English at KS3 and KS4 and English Literature at KS5.

Sarah Jo Krzebietka’s photo

Sarah Jo Krzebietka

Secondary English

Hi, I’m Sarah an English teacher from Sheffield. I have worked at two amazing schools in my career so far and have met some truly remarkable young people. I am passionate about my subject and love discussing and debating ideas about novels, plays, poetry and more. I am an avid reader, a keen pizza eater and a cat lover.

Lidia Kuhivchak’s photo

Lidia Kuhivchak

Secondary & Primary English

I am an English and Classics teacher based in Leicestershire, where I teach English, Latin and Classical Civilisation to students from KS2 - 5. After studying at Yale, Cambridge, and now the Open University, I believe that all students should have access to a great education no matter what their circumstances. My favourite part of my job is encouraging students to make links between the ancient and modern worlds, so that they can see how ideas and stories can be shared across time, languages, and cultures.

Ms Mackay’s photo

Ms Mackay

Secondary English

I am currently Head of Faculty at a London secondary school where I have worked for five lovely years. Originally from Bristol, I moved to London after studying English Literature at Cardiff University. I completed the Teach First Programme in 2013 and have been teaching since then, I genuinely believe that I have the best job in the world! I absolutely love all things ’Literature’ including all types of theatre and performance, creative writing and consuming as many books as I can!

Emma Madden’s photo

Emma Madden

Primary English

I am currently Head of School of a primary school in London and lead on Curriculum across our federated schools. I also work closely with our local teaching school alliance, leading on professional development for primary teachers - including NQTs and experienced teachers.

Mister Mba’s photo

Mister Mba

Secondary English

I currently teach English and A-Level Media Studies. I work in a fantastic school where our young people are eager to learn. I enjoy the power of English and Media to inspire, motivate and enthuse. Originally hailing from London, I love seeing the impact the capital has had on the literary world. Outside of my teaching role, I have the privilege of working with young people across the UK as a motivational speaker. It is my delight to run workshops and sessions to help young people be the best versions of themselves, academically and personally.

Miss McCartney’s photo

Miss McCartney

Primary English

I lead English in the primary phase of an East London school and love everything book related. I will be taking on the job of Associate Senior Leader in September 2020. I have always wanted to be a teacher and it is a privilege to work with young people everyday. The best part of my job is when children share their own wonderful stories.

Miss Mullins’s photo

Miss Mullins

Primary English

I have been a teacher for six years and since joining Avonmore Primary in 2019, I have primarily worked with Year 6 children in an intervention group setting; I am also the English Lead at Avonmore. Prior to my current role, I worked as a Year 3 and Year 6 class teacher. My favourite part of my job is watching the academic and personal progress among the children I work with. I am also very fortunate to work within a team of exceptionally dedicated, talented colleagues!

Miss Phillips ’s photo

Miss Phillips

Secondary English

My name is Miss Phillips and I am Head of English at a large secondary school in Northamptonshire. I have a really passion for teaching English Literature and Language and particularly love studying poetry. In my spare time, I enjoy running, reading and travelling to new places.

Darren Posthill’s photo

Darren Posthill

Secondary English

I’m an Assistant Headteacher looking after Raising Achievement out on the stunning North Norfolk Coast. I’ve been teaching English for more years than I care to remember, but my love of literature has never changed. In my time I’ve taught just about every key text going and I love seeing children engage with one of my favourites. At home, I can be found spending time with my amazing 9 year old, running, and walking the dog (often all at once).

Stephanie Power’s photo

Stephanie Power

Secondary English

I am currently an English teacher in a secondary school. I have been teaching for over 15 years and still love every minute of it. My favourite part of my job is when I see students make progress and flourish in my lessons. I enjoy making a difference to students’ lives and helping them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Stuart Pryke’s photo

Stuart Pryke

Secondary English

I am in my eighth year of teaching English and am currently in charge of Teaching and Learning in a secondary school in Suffolk. I love getting involved with extra curricular opportunities, including running the Extended Project Qualification and the Shakespeare Schools Festival. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy reading and going to the cinema. This year, I have achieved a life long ambition of co-authoring a book, an accomplishment of which I am extremely proud!

Caroline Richards’s photo

Caroline Richards

Secondary English

I am currently a Secondary English teacher working in Norfolk. I am about to start my sixth year working at my school. I am fortunate enough to teach across Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. Whether it’s year 7 or sixth-form. I love sharing my passion for reading and love of Language. It’s always exciting to see a student understand the power of stories; whether that’s writing their own or falling in love with reading. 

Miss Saab’s photo

Miss Saab

Primary English

I am currently a KS2 teacher in a primary school in London. I have previously taught in KS1. I am also the MFL and EAL lead at my school and I love getting pupils as excited as I am about language learning. Before becoming a teacher, I was a secondary school science technician. I also worked as a 1:1 special educational needs and disabilities teaching assistant for three years and I supported secondary, primary and EYFS pupils with a range of needs. I am looking forward to teaching you English!

Amy S’s photo

Amy S

Primary English

I am currently a KS2 teacher at a primary school based in London. I have worked across many schools for the last five years as a TA, LSA and now as a class teacher.

Mr Santhanam’s photo

Mr Santhanam

Primary English

I am very lucky to work with a wide range of age groups in my role as Art Lead at my school. I also have my own KS2 class and I am very passionate about wellbeing, diversity and equality in education. My favourite part of my job is facilitating young people to express themselves, immersing children in creative play and engaging in interesting discussions. Storytelling is a huge part of my practice as a teacher and I believe that everyone deserves to tell their own story and for their voice to be heard!

Frankie Sewell’s photo

Frankie Sewell

Secondary English

I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I completed work experience, as a teaching assistant, in year 10. I was inspired to teach English from my amazing teacher in year 11! After completing my BA (Hons) degree in English, I’m now a teacher of Secondary English at a school in Norfolk. I’m so lucky to have a job I enjoy, plus, I work just by the beach! So when I’m not working, you can find me exploring the coastline of Norfolk. Normally accompanied with my pug, Rosie-lee! Otherwise, I’m busy escaping in books to other worlds and eras.

Hannah Smart’s photo

Hannah Smart

Primary English Grammar, English

My name is Mrs Smart and I am a deputy headteacher at a primary school in Notting Hill. After studying at the University of Southampton, I trained to be a teacher in central London and I’ve never left! I’ve taught lots of different year groups and even get to deliver NQT and CPD courses for other teachers now as well. I love reading and sharing my passion for literature with children. When I haven’t got my nose in a book, you might find me baking in my kitchen or roaming around Richmond Park.

Natalie Toole’s photo

Natalie Toole

Primary English

I am Miss Toole and I started my teaching journey seven years ago; I am very lucky to work at a wonderful primary school in Salford where I am currently the Assistant Headteacher. I have taught across EYFS and KS1 and from September will be going into KS2. I love sharing stories and being able to retell them through song, music and movement. When I’m not teaching, I like to walk my dog or exercise.

Summer Turner’s photo

Summer Turner

Secondary English

I am an English teacher and Vice Principal in Norwich. I have been teaching in schools across London and Norfolk for over ten years, and have taught both primary and secondary. I’m also a curriculum specialist and have spent the last three years leading on curriculum across a multi-academy trust. When I’m not teaching, I can usually be found curled up with a book or playing with my Labrador puppy, who is not quite as interested in reading as I am!

Myrthe van Vliet’s photo

Myrthe van Vliet

Primary English Grammar, English

I am currently an intervention teacher and work across all year groups in my school in London. My favourite part of my job is that I get to work with children and adults from all around the world. I love travelling and learning about other cultures!

Victoria Vincent’s photo

Victoria Vincent

Primary English

I am a Primary School teacher from London and have taught in both KS1 and KS2. My favourite part of my job is having fun with my class and laughing together. I really enjoy reading or listening to audio-books and being active outside in the fresh air.

Anna Waddell’s photo

Anna Waddell

Primary English Grammar, English

I am currently an assistant headteacher and SENDCo at an outstanding school in West London. I have taught across the school in my 10+ years of teaching. Before being a teacher, I grew up in London, studied anthropology and made documentaries for television. Naturally, therefore, I love travelling, stories and learning about different places and people. I also love supporting children, teachers and parents, who need a great range of support, so that everyone can reach their potential.

Camilla Walker’s photo

Camilla Walker

Secondary English

Hiya, I am an English Teacher at a secondary school in Manchester. My university background is in Politics and Critical Theory, so my favourite part of teaching would be providing students with the opportunity to discuss, critique and write about wider social issues, such as the objectification of females or the existence of class structures in society. If there’s critical analysis and big-picture thinking involved, than I am there!

Lynne Weber’s photo

Lynne Weber

Secondary English

I am a secondary teacher in a coastal town in Norfolk. As someone who has personal experience of the power of a good education to create opportunities for those who are born into disadvantage, I cherish the fact that now I get to build into the lives of young people and offer them opportunities that they might not otherwise have dreamed of.

Kate Webster’s photo

Kate Webster

Primary English

Hello! I’m Ms Webster and I am a Deputy Headteacher at an inner London primary school. I love teaching because I get to interact with young people who surprise and inspire me every day. Outside of school, I enjoy walking my dog, Lenny (who is our school dog) in London’s parks; practising my yoga skills and planning my next trip abroad (travelling around India, Mexico and Vietnam have been recent highlights).

Amy Weerasekera’s photo

Amy Weerasekera

Primary English

Hi! I’m Miss Weerasekera and I currently teach in year 4 at a school in London. I’ve been lucky enough to teach many wonderful children across the whole of primary since I first started teaching five years ago. My favourite parts of teaching are seeing those amazing light bulb moments and getting to know all of the amazing individuals in each new class that I teach. Supporting every child to find their voice is a particular passion of mine because I have witnessed the amazingly positive impact it can have on their progress and happiness (and mine too!)

Mrs Wilkinson’s photo

Mrs Wilkinson

Secondary English

I have come to teaching later in life after completing an English Degree a few years ago. I now enjoying being a Teacher of English as every day is different and I learn new things all the time. I feel privileged to be working in education and helping young people do the very best they can.